This is the best sleep position if you snore

Snorers (and partners or roommates of snorers) unite! Apparently your sleeping position has way more of an impact on your snoring habits than you may think. And changing it up might just be the solution to quieting the sounds you don’t mean to make when you’re just trying to get your eight hours of beauty sleep. According to Tara Youngblood, leading […]

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The drastic changes major retailers are making in response to the pandemic

America’s national retailers are preparing to make a comeback after shuttering for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while we can expect to see our favorite names including Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Gap reopen soon, everyone is gearing up to operate under a new normal, where social distancing rules, regular temperature checks, and face masks apply.  When clothing giant […]

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The untold truth of Etsy

Online marketplace Etsy says its mission is to “keep commerce human.” Founded in 2005 by three pals looking to create an online community to sell their handcrafted goods, Etsy has grown from a tiny startup to a mega-successful company worth billions of dollars — and the company is seemingly only growing more and more successful. According to, as of […]

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