How To Choose The Best House Plants That Make A Statement

Sometimes another fern just doesn’t cut it. A tall houseplant can make a big statement while incorporating natural elements and purifying your air quality. Whether you need decoration for a sparse corner of your home or a breath of fresh air in your entryway, you can find some gorgeous stems that do the trick.

A slightly particular plant, a Ficus Audrey is a beautiful addition to your space, Mindbodygreen explains. The outlet notes that this tree grows between 5 and 10 feet tall and blooms best in indirect but bright sunlight. With rounded leaves and a gentle-looking vibe, this tree doesn’t require too much watering and you can purchase one that’s already grown so all you have to do is keep up with its maintenance.

However, one of the classic trees that many people keep in their homes is the money tree. Of course, it has yet to grow dollars, but many feng shui traditions recommend keeping one inside your space to encourage financial growth. The gorgeous stems of the tree braid together and grow thin leaves at the top. Indirect light best fuels its growth and you only need to remember to water it every few weeks. Plus, these trees don’t require a ton of room to grow so you can keep them in the same small pot for an extended period in time.

Tall houseplants vary in maintenance requirements

If you’re an experienced plant parent, there are more options to choose from when it’s time to find a tall plant to take up space in your home. For instance, the rubber plant requires a specific amount of water — an ample amount but not too much — to grow. My Domaine explains that this chic plant can adapt to whatever light amount you give it. Rubber plants grow faster in direct light, but they can survive in lower-lighter areas as well. These can reach up to ten feet when cared for properly!

For a greater challenge and stunning reward, bird of paradise plants will give your space a tropical vibe with lots of shade. According to the outlet, these can grow up to seven feet in perfect conditions and even sprout blue and orange flowers after a while. However, it has a long list of requirements for this including moist soil, at least five hours of bright sunlight and fertilizer.

Lastly, a snake plant with distinctive, pointed leaves is an easy-to-care-for show stopper that will bring a smile to your face all year long. These are actually succulents so they don’t require a lot of water and only need a drink every few weeks, Mindbodygreen reports. They take some time to grow, so don’t expect it to hit six feet right away.

Larger plants are an eco-friendly way to fill those spots in your home that feel sparse — choose one that you love and watch it grow.

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