Trauma and the untold stories of resistance

Let’s visibilise what’s invisibilised, politicise what’s medicalised, invite agency and restore dignity Trauma has become a buzzword in the area of mental health. Podcasts are being churned out, books are being published, international conferences have erudite panellists educating the world on how trauma is at the root of all problems. Now, why would I have a problem with it? Surely, […]

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Ant Anstead Got So Real About the Struggles of Sleep Training 2-Year-Old Son Hudson

If there’s one area of parenting struggle that so many people can relate to, it’s sleep training. Those months — even years — when you’re focusing on getting your child settled into a sleep schedule so they (and you, honestly) can get much-needed rest are crucial. Recently, Ant Anstead revealed how he’s quickly learned that sleep training his 2-year-old son, […]

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