What The New Moon In Gemini On June 10 Means If You’re A Fire Sign

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already almost time for another new moon. It can be hard to keep track of these things. Isn’t Mercury still in retrograde? (It is!) But now it’s time for a new moon during this retrograde, which will affect the different elements of the zodiac in different ways.

Important to note here is that this upcoming new moon is in Gemini. According to Cafe Astrology, new moons are generally times when we can start anew; they’re new beginnings and times for us to refocus, recenter, and reclaim ourselves and our voices. A new moon in Gemini will especially ask us to work on our communication skills. This is because Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is also in retrograde right now. The simultaneous new moon and retrograde will make the new moon’s power stronger, meaning we will really be tested during this time.

Cafe Astrology offers a few ways for us to process the new moon. We can take up writing, spend plenty of time socializing with others, and discover new ways to pursue your curiosities, among many others. What these all boil down to is communication and understanding the self.

Fire signs will need to focus on communication during this new moon

Fire signs — Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius — will have their own work to do during the new moon in Gemini. According to Women’s Health, fire signs are known to be creative, inspiring, and competitive. People can feel the presence of fire signs because of their heat. They radiate these traits in a way other signs may not radiate theirs, but at their center is a warm heart. They’re not coldhearted, and this is something they’ll have to prove during this new moon.

Women’s Health Mag explains that Leos are great at separating their strengths and weaknesses and completing a full analysis of themselves; Aries are more abrasive and don’t think before they speak as much as they should; and Sagittarius are known as spiritual explorers, wanting to see the world more fully and to then share that greater knowledge with the world. These traits are okay, but this new moon is going to ask these passionate fire signs to reign over these traits, to take full control of them and harness them better than they have before. Perhaps the Sagittarius needs to reexamine their methods of knowledge gathering, and maybe the Aries needs to think things through before speaking. After all, this new moon seems particularly pointed at communication.

Overall, fire signs have to balance passion with effective communication, because they can come off abrasive or snobbish if they don’t. This is the last thing any fire sign wants, so some extra care is needed when communicating.

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