How The Full Moon On June 24 Will Affect You If You’re A Cancer

As Gemini season comes to an end and Cancer season officially brings us the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, June’s full moon is brimming with changes.

Accompanying an eclipse and mercury in retrograde, June’s full moon is entangled with its new moon for a month of relationships and careers, proving that perhaps you can have it all. As the new moon enters Gemini, June will be about doing everything in twos. However, this new moon is also prompting novelty — new friends, new relationships (a summer boo or two perhaps).

June will also see a full moon in Capricorn on June 24, highlighting power and responsibility in both your professional and personal pursuits. Emphasizing productivity, work, and success, June’s full moon will bring up conflicting emotions, as the emotional Cancer sun and rational Capricorn full moon combat each other (via Elite Daily). The June “strawberry” full moon will also be the last supermoon of 2021, marking the official start of summer, as Mercury stations direct and is no longer in retrograde (via Elite Daily).

Needless to say, it’s a big month for astrology — so how will all this impact you if you’re a Cancer? 

The full moon will bring connectivity to Cancers

The shifts brought on by the June full moon will happen internally for Cancers, as noted by Bustle. “You’re being given opportunities to connect with your subconscious and intuitive senses more deeply, so pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings. Don’t ignore your inner voice,” Nina Kahn noted for the publication, so key into that advice.

As things continue happening behind the scenes for Cancers with the new moon, there will be “cathartic” changes about how Cancers feel towards themselves and those close to them. Vogue warned about the temptation of having two lovers or returning to an ex. Do what you will — what you do in this month could impact your life for the remainder of the year. 

June is the month all about relationships for Cancers. This month’s full moon will accentuate their closest connection, with positive unions likely getting deeper and becoming stronger, while the flaws in those not-so-good relationships will become obvious. So be on the look out for some changes this month, Cancer, and get ready to listen to your intuitive voice.

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