Is your child unhappy with their ‘imperfect’ body? Encourage positive body image in these ways

Negative ideas about their bodies can manifest in various ways like excessive worry about their weight or body shape and extreme anxiety about their facial features or appearance. It's also important to note that boys are as much vulnerable to develop body image issues as girls. By Janhvi Dargalkar Till recently, negative body image was primarily a teenage issue. However, […]

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Rhythm movement can help kids perform better at school, says study

"Being able to control your own emotions, cognition and behaviours is an important predictor of school readiness and early school achievement," the study emphasised. Marching or tapping a beat can help kids develop self-regulation skills and improve school readiness, according to research. The findings are part of a preschool programme designed by associate professor Kate Williams which focussed exclusively on […]

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