How to beat noise distraction during exam time

Noise pollution contributes to stress, hypertension, and sleep deprivation. By Susmita Nag Noise pollution has been adversely impacting the quality of life of all sections of society, especially students preparing for exams. Neighbours blaring loud music or chatter pouring through your porous windows may distract your child from the task at hand. Furthermore, the impact of noise pollution on our […]

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6 hacks to stop yelling at your kids

Parents tend to have high expectations from their child and want them to be 'perfect'. Remember every child is unique. Acquaint yourself with what is developmentally appropriate and tweak actions accordingly. You are likely to be angry when your child displays unruly behaviour despite you having told him or her repeatedly to behave a certain way. And you may end […]

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Is your child unhappy with their ‘imperfect’ body? Encourage positive body image in these ways

Negative ideas about their bodies can manifest in various ways like excessive worry about their weight or body shape and extreme anxiety about their facial features or appearance. It's also important to note that boys are as much vulnerable to develop body image issues as girls. By Janhvi Dargalkar Till recently, negative body image was primarily a teenage issue. However, […]

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