10 parenting books of 2019 that answer your questions about raising kids today

Parenting books of 2019: These latest books offer you essential tips on modern parenting and how to raise kids to be responsible adults.

The parenting tips your elders give can be helpful but one has to keep in mind that as society evolves, it influences the way your child grows up, adding to your challenges of raising them. Parents need to educate themselves about the changes and tune their parenting style accordingly. To help you do so, here are our picks of 10 parenting books from 2019 that can guide you:

1. Parenting: A Caselets Based Narrative by S Venkatesan

With a non-judgmental take on the predicament of parents and children, the book attempts to understand their troubles, care and concerns. Published by Notion Press

2. Shru-berry Tales: Conversations with a Toddler by Cauvery Kesavasamy

Through interesting snippets, the book shows the workings of a child’s curious mind and a mother’s gift for words to satisfy her little one’s queries.

3. Amma by Perumal Murugan

Murugan’s essays capture how his mother, a farmer, fought every obstacle to raise her children. The strong and independent woman single-handedly managed land, cattle and crops while attending to her family. Published by Eka

4. Poised Parenting by Siddhartha Roy

This guide for would-be, new and experienced parents reveals the workings of our subconscious mind and how it can be moulded to improve a child’s behaviour. Published by Notion Press

5. Raising a True Winner: Ignite the best in your child by Tanuja Sodhi

As the title suggests, the book shares tips on how to raise well-rounded children who grow up to be happy, responsible and compassionate adults, besides sharpening their intellect and teaching them essential life skills. Published by Rupa Publications

6. Parenting beyond the Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and Joy by Connie Albers

Parents are faced with new challenges every day when it comes to raising teens. The book helps you understand how to build a strong bond with kids through their teen years. Published by NavPress

7. The Children of Tomorrow: A Monk’s Guide to Mindful Parenting by Om Swami

In this book, Om Swami sheds light on spiritual and mindful parenting. The author talks about how giving the right guidance at the right time can help children realise their true potential. Published by Harper Collins

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8. Raising Good Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fields

The book tells parents how they can break free from “reactive parenting” and instill compassion and kindness in kids. It teaches mindful skills on how to calm yourself in times of stress and deal with your child. Published by New Harbinger Publications

9. Raising Body Confident Kids: A practical workbook for parents by Emma Wright

The workbook is a guide for parents to talk to children about coping with body image issues. The book offers practical tools to parents for raising body confident kids. Published by Emma Wright Artist Limited

10. We Adopted Five Special-Needs Foster Kids by Ann Ellsworth

Ann and her partner Dan decided to adopt five special needs siblings, in their mid-forties. The book talks about their overwhelming journey through raising their children. Published by Skyhorse

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