Marky Mark's daughters have had it with his shirtless pics

Hey, now. Marky Mark’s daughters don’t want to hear about your good vibrations when it comes to their dad, thanks very much. On Wednesday, actor Mark Wahlberg chatted with Ellen DeGeneres on her show about all the shirtless pics and videos he’s been posting on social media. He’s been a gym rat for his upcoming project, Six Billion Dollar Man, and everybody’s impressed by his new extra-buff body — except for his daughters.

Gearing up to start filming Six Billion Dollar Man. (And wait for the peanut gallery at the end haha.) @performinspired #protein #fitness #performanceinspired #healthy #hyvee #wellness #workout #new #inspired

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“My daughters get very annoyed by the pictures,” said Wahlberg. According to the actor, his two girls want him to cover up that razor-sharp six-pack: “I get, ‘Dad, put a shirt on,’ all the time, even when I have a shirt on. If I have one shirt on, they’ll say, ‘Put another shirt on,'” he said.

But the hottest of dad bods comes in handy occasionally, Wahlberg admitted, when it comes to his daughters’ boy crushes. “At first… they don’t like it when I scare the boyfriend, and then all of a sudden they’re like, ‘Dad, can you come see me at school?’ ‘Cause they want me to come and scare the boyfriend,” he quipped.

DeGeneres took the opportunity to tease Wahlberg about his daily routine, which involves waking up at 2 a.m. to work out and then play golf (yup, even on vacation) and going to bed by 6:30 p.m. — or 7 if he’s feeling crazy.

“Wow. You are boring,” DeGeneres told Wahlberg, who didn’t seem to mind the razzing at all. The actor seemed relaxed as he talked about his family life. He and his wife, model and designer Rhea Durham, have four children: Ella Rae, 14, Michael, 12, Brendan Joseph, 9, and Grace Margaret, 8.

Wahlberg was pretty excited to receive a bit of affection from his eldest, Ella Rae, the other day. “The other day, I got a hug,” he told DeGeneres. “Got a hug, then I tried to go in for a little more, like, ‘Hey, what’s going on? What are we gonna do next week?’ And [she said], ‘Stop, Dad.’ [then I said,] ‘I love you.’ [and she responded,] ‘Shut up, Dad.’”

”‘Did you have a great time? [I said, and she said,]’ ‘Enough, Dad, be quiet, Dad,’” Wahlberg continued. “And then the voice raises and I just [give up]. I had a little chuckle, though, ’cause I still got the hug.”

Hang in there, Marky Mark. Only three more teenagers to go. You’ve got this. As long as you keep your shirt on.

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