These parenting ‘rules’ were made for breaking

If there’s one job in this life that comes with an unlimited set of do’s and don’ts, it’s undoubtedly parenthood. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a parent, grandparent, pediatrician or complete stranger unwilling to unveil a laundry list of things you should and shouldn’t do when raising your tiny human being. All of this can feel extremely suffocating for a […]

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Bullying a kid for his looks? Not cool, internet

When it comes to mom-shaming, Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger. She has been shamed for wearing a bikini (twice!), kissing her kids on the lips, and allowing her daughter, Penelope, to wear a lip ring. Just when you thought it couldn’t become worse, the mom of three was criticized for — wait for it — not tweezing her son’s unibrow? (Cue the eye rolls.) Kardashian […]

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But how could this baby’s name possibly top Mingus?

It looks like congratulations are in order for Diane Kruger and her boyfriend, Norman Reedus. After much speculation (Kruger was totally hiding a baby bump with those oversize gowns at Cannes, right?), multiple sources have exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly that the couple is expecting their first child together. Kruger’s Cannes attire wasn’t the only clue that she’s pregnant — […]

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