This rant is for every parent who's ever changed a diaper on a bathroom floor

By AnnaMarie Houlis

Chris Mau went viral when he posted a Facebook status about having to change his daughter on dirty bathroom floors due to a lack of baby-changing stations in men’s rooms. His post has received more than 63,000 likes and nearly 145,000 shares thus far. Why? Because it resonates with so many parents.

“I’m getting pretty sick of having to change my daughter on a disgusting floor because the only changing table in the place is located in the women’s bathroom,” he wrote. “It’s crazy to imagine I know but there are guys who take care of their kids too.”

Mau, who is a 33-year-old father of one son and three daughters, wrote that he was out for a walk with his daughter when he realized she needed to be changed — and saw a restaurant nearby where he’d assumed he could do just that. But when he got inside the bathroom, he realized it lacked counter space beyond a 3-inch gap between the two sinks.

“I was immediately frustrated with the ignorance of the facility and with [my daughter] crying I had to make the hard choice between either making her wait until we found a facility that had a changing station, or ease her discomfort and change her in the bathroom anyway,” he said in a post on Love What Matters. “The condition of the bathroom was less than sanitary, but the crying of my children eats at the very fiber of my being and I had to help her. So I grabbed the towel, laid it out and changed her in the stall, all while my mind raced at how unnecessary and preventable this entire situation is.”

Facebook users commented with words of affirmation.

“Ugh! I agree,” one woman wrote. “I had to stop at a gas station to change my daughter and even I had to change her on the floor! Cause no changing table… They need to be everywhere!”

And not only do they need to be in all bathrooms, but they also need to be cleaner. The U.K.’s Real Radio found that 92 out of 100 changing stations had cocaine residue on them and that they’re also often used as bins for dirty diapers and other garbage, according to BabyGaga.

So, yes, men’s rooms definitely need more changing tables, but the point is that all restrooms, regardless of gender, should be offering clean, dedicated spaces for changing babies’ diapers.

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