This is the best sleep position if you snore

Snorers (and partners or roommates of snorers) unite! Apparently your sleeping position has way more of an impact on your snoring habits than you may think. And changing it up might just be the solution to quieting the sounds you don’t mean to make when you’re just trying to get your eight hours of beauty sleep. According to Tara Youngblood, leading […]

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Is Your Kid One of These 5 Types of Picky Eaters?

Ensuring your child eats the right, nutritious foods to support their healthy development is challenging enough. But throw a tricky eating habit into the mix? In the words of Prince William, “If you put something on the table [the kids] don’t want to do, that’s another ballgame.” Mealtimes with picky-eater kids can be beyond stressful. Research published in Eating Behaviors […]

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Peta Murgatroyd, Maksim: Couple Time ‘Is a Struggle’ Amid Quarantine

Three musketeers! Peta Murgatroyd and husband Maksim Chmerkovskiy are using their time at home to bond with their 3-year-old son, Shai, amid quarantine. “We are taking it day by day and trying to find all the amazing positives out of this experience, but it’s hard,” Murgatroyd, 33, told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, April 16, of the couple’s new normal. “It’s […]

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