Salma Hayek Shared a Makeup-Free Selfie on Instagram, and She's Seriously Glowing

There are makeup-free selfies, and then there are makeup-free videos taken on a boat while surrounded by Kat Von D Dreamer-blue water. Salma Hayek just blessed us with the latter.

For the past few days, Hayek has been in Instagram vacation mode, sharing photos of whatever gorgeous beach she's surrounded by and her sun-safe level pro straw hat and sunglasses.

But yesterday, she got her 7 million followers into the vacation spirit with a cheerful selfie video taken from the deck of a boat. She's got wind in her hair, a bathing suit on, and she's not wearing a stitch of makeup. Naturally, she looks incredible.

It's unclear how she managed to write a caption that doesn't mention how relaxed and beautiful she looks, but she did it: "In my element. En mi elemento. #water #nature #gratitude," she wrote.

Fans have stacked the comments section with compliments, from "Gorgeous…. the background looks good also…☺" to the simple yet effective "I Love you Salma."

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The 51-year-old often shares her unretouched life (and face) with fans. Last month, she posted an "I woke up like this" photo with her German Shepherd, becoming the first person in history to outshine their pet in a selfie. We love to see Hayek enjoying simple moments — a summer vacation, a selfie with her pup — without zero worries about how her makeup looks. It's a reminder that the perfect photo doesn't necessarily require the perfect eyeliner.

As Hayek explained in 2017, she follows a simple beauty philosophy that less is more. She often reaches for natural products like rose water, which she spritzes on every AM to "wake the skin up." In the evenings, she removes a layer of makeup with coconut oil, then microwaves a rose water-soaked towel to end her day with a gentle steam. As for hair, she keeps it "curly and wild when I’m not working."

We'd call "on a boat in the middle of the ocean" the epitome of not working, and it's that natural beauty that shines through.

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