Keratosis Pilaris Doesn't Stand a Chance With This Gorgeous, New Brand

Humans contain multitudes, which is one of the reasons why so many skin-care lovers have a multi-step, twice-daily routine for their faces… but can barely remember to use body moisturizer. While working at Glossier during the early days of the beloved beauty brand, Soft Services founders Rebecca Zhou and Annie Kreighbaum watched as shoppers connected with the physical (and emotional) […]

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How My Skin Wore My Grief

It is often said grief comes in waves. For me, it was a tsunami. It began with a phone call last year when my brother was diagnosed with lung cancer during a routine check-up. He was a committed runner and health nut and had also worked near the World Trade Center after the towers fell on 9/11, breathing in the […]

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Kerry Washington Wants You to Know Anyone — Even Kids — Can Get Skin Cancer

When her daughter Monique was 10 years old, Aurelia Mock noticed a brown line underneath her daughter's thumbnail. Doctors denied anything was wrong and assured Aurelia that Monique was healthy. But the mother of 12 wasn't convinced. Eventually, a dermatologist diagnosed Monique with melanoma, and she's just one of the 20 percent of Americans that will eventually get skin cancer. […]

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