This New 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Clothing Line is Pure Magic

With Halloween only a few months away, countless children will be asking their parents far in advance to buy them a Harry Potter or Hermione costume. But what if they had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite Hogwarts character all year round? Thanks to Boden in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, now they can. Their playful British clothing brand, Mini Boden, just launched an 81-piece Harry Potter inspired collection that boasts a wide range of unique prints for newborns through age 16. 

From fluttering owl embroidered sweaters to Hogwarts castle sequin tops and iconic symbol adorned t-shirts, there’s something magical for all little Muggles and wizards. Your little one will really feel like they’re a student at Hogwarts by wearing Mini Boden’s rugby shirts, overalls, or onesies stitched with Harry’s Quidditch number or Hogwarts crest. The adorable onesie with ‘Gryffindor’ lettering is perfect for your one-year-old, while the Hedwig 3D T-shirt is perfect for your eight-year-old. If you’re really in the spirit (AKA your child is begging you to buy the *entire* collection in one fell swoop), you can even purchase Harry Potter socks to complete the look. Because what child wouldn’t want their legs adorned with the magic of Hogwarts getting them through their first day back to school?


Starting at $26, the collection incorporates every Hogwarts house—including Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Once your child chooses their color (red, yellow, green, or blue) their wizard training awaits! With fabrics perfect for fall (hello velvet bomber jackets and supersoft jersey sweatshirts), comfort and confidence will carry your Hogwarts’ student through their school hallways. After your child falls in love with their spellbound apparel, Mini Boden will be launching another collection on October 7th—just in time for Halloween and Christmas!

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