The Best Gifts For Active Moms

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Mother’s Day rolls around every year, and every year it gets harder to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life. Maybe your best friend is a new mom celebrating her first Mother’s Day and you want to help make the day special, or you’re just racking your brain trying to think of the right gift for your mother-in-law. What about the mom in your life who says, “I don’t need anything.” That’s not particularly helpful when it comes to gift ideas, either. Stressed out about the holiday? Don’t worry — we have your back.

When it comes to the #Momlife, there are few things that scream self-care better than gifts aimed at working out and relaxing. Moms have it rough sometimes — from juggling their lives as parents to working on their careers, to balancing it all on three hours of sleep, they need designated time to take care of themselves. So if you have an active mom in your life who lives for that hour-long Pilates class, escapes for 45 minutes at the gym, or loves to keep track of her fitness journey, we have everything you need to master Mother’s Day. Here are the best gifts for active moms.

This exercise ball is perfect for at-home workouts

When we were kids, exercise balls served one purpose: to bounce like no tomorrow. But as adults, we’ve come to realize that they actually are quite effective. So if the mom in your life is looking for workout equipment that has multiple functions, the exercise ball from URBNFit is for her. 

As noted by the product’s description, the URBNFit exercise ball can be used for Pilates exercises, yoga, stretching, and more. Not only can it be used for workout purposes, but it also doubles as a pain relief tool (because we all have back pain now, right?). The great thing about this particular exercise ball is that it’s really easy to set up and quickly inflates. It comes with instructions, two air stoppers, and a workout guide as well, so it really does make the perfect gift. 

Don’t believe us? Maybe you should trust the 26,000 ratings it has on Amazon, 78% of them being five-star reviews. So don’t miss out, because this exercise ball is as versatile as it is affordable — making it one of the best gifts for active moms.

Purchase the 85-centimeter URBNFit exercise ball on Amazon for $26.99.

If the mom in your life is a Pilates fan, then this gift is perfect

There isn’t a workout that’s better than Pilates. As noted by Verywell Fit, Pilates is a fantastic combination of strength training, yoga, and core work that helps promote muscle development and flexibility in the joints — no wonder it’s popular. If the mom you’re celebrating is a fan of Pilates, you can’t go wrong by gifting her the Pilates ring from URBNFit. Available on Amazon, the Pilates ring is not only a staple for the workout, but is a great piece of equipment to invest in. 

The ring from URBNFit is made of fiberglass and features an outer sleeve made of rubber, so it’s guaranteed not to crack or permanently bend. It’s super light, safe to travel with, and is versatile when it comes to your workout. The URBNFit ring also comes with a workout guide, so the mom in your world will always be ready to take on the next fitness challenge. The must-have Pilates item has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, so you really can’t go wrong here.

Purchase the URBNFit Pilates ring on Amazon for $15.29.

Know a mom who lives for yoga? This gift is a must

Yoga is supposed to be relaxing and soothing, right? Well, when you’re slipping all over your yoga mat, it totally takes the zen out of your session. If this happens often to the mom in your life, then the perfect gift for her is a pair of the Rymora non-slip grip socks. Available on Amazon, the Rymora socks are perfect for yoga, but can also be used during Pilates, barre classes, and dance and can just be worn around the house.

The bottom of the sock has a gripping material that stops unnecessary slips, so when you’re in Downward Dog focusing on your breathing, you won’t have to worry about sliding down the mat. The Rymora socks are made of 80% cotton, and the remaining 20% is made up of elastane, polyamide, and PVC for stretch and comfort. The socks have a 4.7 star rating on Amazon, with 80% of the reviews being five stars. So don’t miss out on this great gift purchase — it’s useful, thoughtful, and designed to help the mom you know reach total peace during yoga time. Perfect.

Purchase the Rymora non-slip socks on Amazon for $13.99.

For the mom obsessed with strength training, this is the perfect gift

Sometimes, the best kind of stress relief comes from lifting some weights and doing some squats. There’s nothing quite like putting on the “Beast Mode” workout playlist on Spotify and just going for it, and if the mom in your life enjoys working out, then this extra thick barbell neck pad is the gift for her. The 15-inch barbell neck pad from Dark Iron Fitness is the perfect accessory — it makes working out more comfortable, it doesn’t flatten out, and it won’t soak in the perspiration. This specific barbell neck pad — available on Amazon — has a whopping 4.7 star rating, with 81% of the reviews being 5 stars. And at $19.99, it’s the perfect gift for the money-conscious among us. 

So what’s the benefit of strength training, and why should you get a barbell neck pad for yourself too? Exercise physiologist Neal Pire told Everyday Health that strength training helps give your body boosts in between workouts, making your fitness pursuits more worthwhile. Sounds good to us.

Purchase the Dark Iron Fitness barbell neck pad on Amazon for $19.99.

Know a mom prepping for the summer? This fitness journal is a must-have

Anyone who tries to get into a workout routine knows that accountability is the most important aspect — it can be so hard to get yourself going and find the motivation to keep yourself aligned with your fitness goals, and if the mom you know is struggling with just this predicament, then this is the gift for her. The fitness journal from NewMe is the solution that the active mom in your life has been looking for. The journal can track workouts for up to six months and was put together by professional nutritionists and workout experts for optimal results.

The NewMe fitness journal suggests what exercises to do to target specific muscles, and it lets its user keep track of every component of their fitness path — from exercises to body fat and weight to daily goals. The NewMe journal has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, so it’s clearly a hit. What’s the benefit of keeping such a journal? Dr. Neil Gordon told that “consistency and accountability” are the key components for thriving in an active lifestyle.

Purchase the NewMe fitness journal on Amazon for $14.99.

This is the perfect gift for a mom who needs some relaxing, stretching time in her life

Every mom out there knows the importance of some soothing, self-care time. And no, escaping to the bathroom for five minutes does not count, ladies. Quality time to recharge as a mom is absolutely needed, and if the mom you’re shopping for could use a little extra care in her life, buy her the URBNFit yoga wheel available on Amazon. 

This is great for the mom who’s active but also knows the importance of some cooling down time. The 12-inch roller is catered towards stretching and improving flexibility in the joints, perfect for those aches and pains that moms just can’t seem to get out of their necks and backs. As the product description notes, the URBNFit yoga wheel has soft, durable rollers that are perfect for stretching out all those tight muscles. The wheel also comes with a stretching strap, designed to help get an even deeper stretch. The yoga wheel has a 4.6 rating on Amazon, with 77% of those reviews being five stars, so it’s safe to say that this is a great purchase.

Purchase the URBNFit yoga wheel on Amazon for $24.99.

Elevate your mom's work-from-home status with this amazing gift

We all know the realities of working from home and how tough it can be to get a workout in. With back-to-back Zoom meetings, getting an opportunity to be active is tough. If the mom you’re celebrating on Mother’s Day is stuck in this predicament, then the DeskCycle Bike Pedal Exerciser is for her. Available on Amazon, the under-desk bike pedal exerciser is the perfect solution that the busy moms in your life. 

The bike contraption fits under pretty much any desk and allows you to get the action of a bike ride in while sitting and replying to work emails. It’s super quiet, provides a smooth ride, and has different resistance levels so you can choose the difficulty of your workout. Need to know the reviews before purchasing? The DeskCycle has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, with 77% of the reviews being five stars. As noted by Penn Medicine, it’s important to stay active when you’re working from home, so this at-home desk contraption might just be the best gift yet.

Purchase the DeskCycle bike pedal exerciser on Amazon for $199.

This is the perfect gift for the mom in your life who lives for core workouts

There are some active moms who live for the thrill of pushing their bodies. If the mom you want to celebrate falls into that category, then you really can’t go wrong with purchasing the core gliding discs from URBNFit. These little sliding discs are legit. Place them under your hands or feet during an ab workout and challenge yourself with planks, lunges, and push-ups. The discs work with your own bodyweight and help tone different muscle areas, providing the ultimate burn.

These sliding discs stand out from the crowd, too, because they work on just about every floor surface. So no matter if the mom in your life is working out at the gym or on her carpeted living room floor, these small, but mighty workout accessories will work just fine. Included with a purchase of the URBNFit gliding discs is a free workout guide, designed by personal trainers to assist every active mom in achieving her fitness goals. The URBNFit discs have a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, guaranteed to be a pleasing gift for the exercise-obsessed mom in your world.

Purchase the URBNFit gliding discs on Amazon for $9.99.

This is the perfect yoga mat for the mom who just started yoga

The thing about wanting to get active is that it’s difficult to know where to start. For the mom you know who wants to get into yoga but doesn’t exactly know how to get going, this yoga mat from NewMe is the perfect gift. Available on Amazon, the NewMe Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat, with 70 different yoga poses printed on the actual mat itself, is a beginner’s dream. 

Let’s start with the details about the actual surface the new yogi mom you know will be practicing on. The mat is 24 by 68 inches, and is five millimeters thick. It’s perfectly padded for optimal hand and wrist comfort, and has a “slightly tacky surface” to minimize slipping. Now onto the good stuff. The mat has 70 illustrations on it of different yoga poses, so even if the mom you’ve gifted it to is a newbie, she’ll never get lost in her poses. The NewMe yoga mat has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon, and 82% of said ratings are five stars. This is sure to be a slam-dunk gift.

Purchase the NewMe fitness exercise yoga mat on Amazon for $23.50.

If the mom in your life is looking for the ultimate workout, this is a great gift

Every four years, the Olympics come around, and every four years we watch as gymnasts like Shawn Johnson and Simone Biles defy gravity. And if the active mom in your life is determined to get that all-body workout that only Olympians seem to get, then look no further than the URBNFit gymnastic rings. Perfect for a bodyweight-based workout at home, the rings and adjustable straps are perfect for every mom’s ambitions. 

Moms gifted this must-have exercise accessory can work on their upper body muscles, their core strength, their overall mobility, and their joint flexibility. The rings allow for all different kinds of workouts as well, from iron crosses to pull-ups. What’s great about these rings from URBNFit is that they have a textured grip, so there’s no need to worry about slipping. The rings from URBNFit have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, and 76% of those ratings are five stars. This gift would be an absolute win for the active mom you are determined to celebrate.

Purchase the URBNFit gymnastic rings on Amazon for $19.99.

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