Reddit Slams This Dad Who Wouldn’t Take His Kids When His Ex Had an Emergency — & Blamed His Newborn Son

Everyone knows when you have a baby, you forget about your older kids…right? Wait, you still have to actually parent your older kids, too?! Say it ain’t so! (Can you tell I’m rolling my eyes right now?) One dad on Reddit was apparently shocked that his ex-wife expected him to take his older daughters after bringing his newborn son home, and we actually can’t believe the utter ridiculousness of this man.

The dad tells the story in his own words in the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit, and we are honestly just surprised he didn’t figure out he was TA while typing this story.

First, the background: his ex-wife, Emma, was pregnant at the same time as his current wife, Lara. The two women were due about 10 weeks apart, and Lara gave birth to their son in November.

“Three days after he and Lara came home, I received a panicked call from my SIL asking if I could take my daughters (9F twins) as Emma had been taken to hospital the night before and was being taken for a c-section,” the man wrote. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The girls’ mom was in the hospital, having her baby extremely early due to a medical emergency, and the dad was (supposedly) on paternity leave at home with his new baby. Plus, his brother and sister-in-law couldn’t watch them longer, as they had four children in their house already.

But for some reason, this dad couldn’t be bothered to, you know, be a decent human being — not to mention a good dad — and declined.

“I told my SIL that we couldn’t take the girls because we had just had our son and we were wanting to spend the time just bonding as a family of three,” he wrote, and my mouth is hanging open. Having a new baby and a new wife doesn’t negate the fact that you already have two daughters. Are you kidding me? They are your kids, and your responsibility. Pawning them off on your brother and his wife is just so rude.

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