No, laundry doesn't count as a hobby

If your primary job is parenting, you know that staying at home is anything but easy. Between feeding everyone, picking up and dropping off kids at their various activities and tackling the seemingly never-ending heap of laundry, it’s hard for parents to carve out time for sleep, let alone for a hobby. But making time to do something you enjoy can be beneficial for your mental and physical health, according to research conducted by the Australian Psychological Society. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language or how to play an instrument? Or are you more interested in getting your hands dirty outdoors?

Below, we’ve assembled a list of 25 hobbies that are actually doable for stay-at-home parents (or anyone, really) to do solo or with the kids. So get out there and carpe hobbiem (or something).

Plant a garden

If you want to feel grounded, might we suggest getting up close and personal with Mother Nature herself? Whether you prefer to plant a low-key succulent garden or have aspirations to grow fruits and vegetables, gardening is a great way to unwind while also getting some vitamin D outside. Plus, gardening is an excellent activity to do with your kids — just be prepared to have dirty little footprints scattered through your house afterward.

Learn a new language

Parlez-vous française? Well, you could. Learning another language has never been more accessible thanks to programs like Duolingo, Babbel and Rosetta Stone.

Find your new favorite podcast

If you need something to listen to while the kids are napping or you’re doing chores around the house, consider checking out a podcast. With so many topics to explore from true crime to cooking, you’ll never be bored.

Polish your photography skills

Smartphones may have made amateur photographers out of all of us, but there’s something special about picking up a DLSR camera, adjusting a real lens and documenting the special moments in your life. Enroll in an online photography course or take advantage of the thousands of instructional videos online. From there, practice by snapping pictures of your kids and nature. Who knows, your hobby could one day turn into a lucrative side gig!

Learn to use Photoshop

Now that you’re a photographer, teach yourself how to edit like the pros. Bonus: Your Photoshop skills will also come in handy if you want to design invitations or, you know, embarrass your kids by making hilarious memes.

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A version of this article was originally published in May 2013.

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