Fueguia 1833 Introduces Scents With Sanitizing Proprieties

MILAN — While many cosmetics companies are converting their production to manufacture hand sanitizers to aid the respective countries in fighting the coronavirus outbreak, Argentinian fragrance house Fueguia 1833 is readying the release of its sanitizing perfume collection. Dubbed Fueguia BioActive Molecules, the range aims to offer the brand’s signature scents in a sanitizing version for skin and textiles. Source: Read […]

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Beauty Inc Newsletter: Alexandre Choueiri Lays Out His Vision for Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Almost a year after taking the helm as global president of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Alexandre Choueiri is starting to unroll his vision for the brand, starting with its largest franchise, Polo Blue. Next week will see the launch of a new campaign for the scent, one that taps into Choueiri's vision of creating an authentic connection with the brand's raison […]

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What helps against pimples? With these tips, you can improve the appearance of your skin

If you Believe pimples a sign would be a lack of Hygiene, then you are mistaken. Because the fact is: skin imperfections always arise when the body is out of balance. This happens especially if we become too one-sided feed or permanent Stress are exposed to. But also natural hormone fluctuations , or hereditary predispositions in adulthood help you pimples […]

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