Lil' Kim Has the Multicolored Hair of My Teen Emo Dreams

Let's face it: Lil' Kim is a fashion and beauty icon. Since the beginning of her career in the '90s, the Brooklyn-raised rapper has been known for not only taking risks with her style but also for setting iconic trends — like wearing her hair in all colors of the rainbow or adding patterns and prints to it — that are still popular until this day. She hasn't let up one bit and continues to push fashion and beauty boundaries while looking extremely good doing it. The latest look of hers that we are obsessed with is her silky black hair with a multicolored underside.

She debuted this color-blocked hair at Bottega Veneta's runway show in Detroit on October 21 and of course, posted a photo for her millions of fans to praise. First and foremost, the legendary rapper looks gorgeous from head to toe in a feathered purple dress, which she paired with feathered sandals and a lime green bag from Bottega Veneta. Her long hair cascades to her waist, and in-between the jet-black pieces of hair you can see chunks of hot pink, baby blue, and lime green. We love that Lil' Kim opted to add color to the underside of her hair, which gives this glam moment a distinctly emo vibe — seriously, it's reminding me of all the girls at my middle school who had that super-trendy raccoon tail hair. 

The beat on her face includes a pink blush that was clearly blended with expertise. On her eyes, you can see an orange-toned pigment poke out from behind her long lashes and along her lower lash line. These curled and dramatically flared lashes are even longer than her expansive resumé. The neutral matte lip brings the whole look together. 

Leave it Lil' Kim to show folks exactly how to incorporate multiple vibrant hair colors into a glamorous moment. We love that instead of wearing plain black hair or opting for one colorful shade, she chose three bright hues and added them to the underside of the hair for a peekaboo effect. It's a style fitting for the queen of bright hair colors. 

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