Rihanna's Twisted Locs Are Our Favorite Part of Her Halloween Costume

For the Halloween festivities, plenty of celebrities go all out and dress up as mythical creatures, fictional characters, and even other celebrities. You'll almost always see a tribute to icons like Selena, Aaliyah, Naomi Campbell, and many more. But for 2021 Rihanna gave fans a good laugh with her costume because she dressed up as rapper Gunna, even going as fair to nail his locced hairstyle. 

The multihyphenate wore an all-black outfit, an exact replication of one the rapper wore in September. Gunna's original look featured a lace black shirt, a leather vest, Bermuda shorts paired with boots from Rick Owens, black sunglasses, and silver iced-out jewelry. Rihanna's version had the exact same elements except for the slightly different silver chains she chose to wear. 

She really committed to the costume with a hairstyle that resembles Gunna's own dyed locs. While it's hard to tell from these photos alone, it looks like her hair was styled into small faux locs. Then sections of those locs were wrapped around one another to create thicker pieces that look just like Gunna's caramel-colored hair. Rihanna's hair looks like a mixture of dark brown and light brown shades that create a dimensional color mixture.

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We admire the "Work" singer's attention to detail here. She recreated all three poses from Gunna's original post, ensuring that even her hands and facial expressions mimicked his own — the only thing missing was the pool in the background, but everything else looks so spot on. 

The Bajan singer might have just won Halloween with this hilarious costume. It definitely garnered a few laughs from other celebrities and fans alike, and Gunna himself seemed to like it, too. The rapper changed his Instagram profile picture to one of the pictures of Riri, giving her his seal of approval — and honestly, who wouldn't approve of Rihanna dressing up as them for Halloween? 

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