EXCLUSIVE: Becky G to Release Cosmetics Line Backed by Madeby Collective

Becky G has co-created a cosmetics company meant to celebrate Latine heritage.

The pop star has partnered with Madeby Collective on Treslúce Beauty, which will launch direct-to-consumer on June 25, with a BoxyCharm partnership to follow. The name is a combination of the Spanish words for the number three — “I live by that number,” Becky G said — and “lucir,” which translates loosely to “to look good.”

Treslúce Beauty will debut in the eye category with an eye shadow palette, eyeliners, makeup brushes and false eyelashes ranging in price from $8 to $35. The packaging, designed by Mexican artist Monica Loya, draws inspiration from Talavera pottery, home to Puebla, Mexico. The product formulas feature agave tequilana sourced from Jalisco, where Becky G’s grandparents are based.

These elements are meant to distinguish Treslúce Beauty from being “another celebrity makeup brand,” Becky G told WWD via Zoom, to one that fully incorporates her cultural heritage.

“Although I’m only 24, I feel like a cat who is on her seventh of nine lives,” Becky G said, adding that she was introduced to makeup by her mother, who had four children by the time she was Becky G’s current age.

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Becky G learned to do her own hair and makeup when she began to tour. “Budgets aren’t friendly,” she said.

She signed with Cover Girl at age 15, rapping the following in a commercial: “Writing my rhymes, always knew I could be the first Cover Girl from Inglewood.”

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“There were key moments in my career where I realized that representation was so important,” she said, noting her Cover Girl contract, which lasted about three years, as one example.

“Fast forward and the opportunity to collaborate with ColourPop comes along,” she said. “I learned so much in that process, not just about representation, but also about creating a palette, the color story, the concept, the packaging, the design…going to the factory and seeing how makeup was made, meeting the factory workers.

“I could have very easily named a line Becky G Cosmetics and got my bag and been fine,” she continued. “This isn’t about me, it’s about we, about us, the community.”

Marcelo Camberos, cofounder and chief executive officer of Ipsy, and CEO of Beauty for All Industries, said Madeby Collective is “all about serving underserved communities” and partnering with “emblematic personalities in those communities” to do so.

Treslúce was a “big investment,” with resources mostly dedicated to product development and sourcing, he said, declining to talk specifics.

“We’re not just creating an in-house brand,” Camberos said. “Each [of our companies] are set up separately and have their separate resources, but they also leverage a lot of common resources.”

Treslúce, he noted, will be a bilingual brand.

“The Latin community is so underserved when it comes to beauty,” Camberos said. “The brand will talk to this duality of Latin-ness, but also American-ness. I don’t know that there’s anybody who does it quite in that way, so I’m really excited to bring that to light.”


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