This K-Pop Star Is About to Give an Unprecedented Look at Her Beauty Routine

Although we can't jet off to Seoul, South Korea, or see our favorite K-pop stars in person as easily as we could before the pandemic, Airbnb is about to bring those experiences to the comfort of our own homes with its new "Inside K-Pop" initiative. A number of idols partnered with Airbnb to offer special, interactive live streams for 20 people only, and we're most excited to see Jamie on the list. 

While other K-pop stars, like The Boyz and Monsta X, will be crafting and eating their favorite foods for the select group of fans, Jamie will be walking them through her complete beauty routine on January 26. "Starting with a bare face, I will walk you through my daily skin-care and makeup regimen," she shared in the Airbnb listing announcing her exclusive online experience. "I'll be showing you a step-by-step guide on using my favorite beauty products and tips to achieve the perfect look."

If you've ever watched the singer's music video for "Numbers" or "Apollo 11," then you're just as familiar with Jamie's glass-like complexion and stunning eye makeup as we are. We definitely can't wait to see how she keeps her skin clear and her wings so sharp. K-pop stars rarely talk about specific beauty products due to endorsement deals, so we will definitely be taking note of Jamie's go-to roster.

But that's not all Airbnb is offering in the realm of K-beauty. For those who have always wondered how your favorite K-pop star's foundation always looks so even and smooth, Airbnb also has something going on for that, too. Two different makeup artists, Yoon-Sun Jung and Haemin, who work with the likes of Heize, IZ*ONE, and (G)I-DLE, will be sharing their favorite tricks and techniques during hour-long sessions.

And if you've always wondered how your bias keeps their hair color fresh and free of damage or how they style their seemingly perfect bangs, Airbnb also has events in store for you. Hairstylists Yonghan and Yeseul Kim are holding Zoom sessions, too.

Starting Wednesday, January 20 at 6 p.m. ET, you can sign up to be one of the 20 lucky people in each session. All of Airbnb's "Inside K-Pop" online experiences are $20 each on See you there!

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