Summer Fridays Apologizes for Skin Irritation Caused by Its Jet Lag Mask

Most people are probably at least a little distrustful of brands and companies. That's not a bad thing; in fact, I think it's healthy to have a little skepticism about where you put your money, especially when the products purchased are going directly on your face. That said, when brands make mistakes — even honest ones — we don't always expect them to handle the situation as well as is possible. That's why fans were pleasantly surprised to see social media skin-care darling Summer Fridays make a rapid and honest response to customer complaints of inflammation caused by its Jet Lag Mask.

"We have worked with our manufacturer, testing laboratories, and an independent chemist to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause and have determined that certain product batches at our third-party manufacturing site have been compromised," the brand made in a statement to Instagram on January 14. "We deeply regret any discomfort or inconvenience caused by this issue and are confident that the use of this product does not pose a threat to the health and safety of our customers."

In addition to the swift apology, Summer Fridays also states that it is implementing stricter manufacturing protocols, working with retailers to remove compromised face masks from stock, offering refunds on already-purchased masks, and reformulating the mask to remove essential oils that might cause inflammation. 

Customers are clearly thankful for the upfront way Summer Fridays approached this bad batch of products because its comment section is glowing. "Amazing reaction to this situation! I LOVE jet lag! It's a staple in my every day routine and something I can’t do without," one commenter writes. Another says, "Never had an issues, but this is how you do it !!! Summer Friday will always have my support." 

Plenty more comments on the brand's statement sound just like this, including one that reads, "This is how you address a situation when you're in business. Very classy and as a consumer I'll definitely remember how well you handled this situation."

Allure has reached out to Summer Fridays for comment and will report back. If you own the Jet Lag Mask and want to know more about compromised batches and refunds, visit In the meantime, this serves as an excellent example for other business owners of what to do when shit hits the fan: remain calm, honest, and be ready to make some reparations.

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