Rihanna Is Obsessed With This $12 Drugstore Moisturizer

To say it's the summer of Rihanna would be an understatement. She kicked off the season by hosting the Met Gala (dressed as the Pope, because obviously), debuted the summer blockbuster Ocean's 8, and has already dropped a few major additions to her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, including a gorgeous Moroccan Spice Palette. Now, Rihanna has blessed us once again with yet a fantastic beauty recommendation, this time in the form of a $12 moisturizer that does more than it's fair share of work. Of course, we're talking about Weleda Skin Food.

According to InStyle, Rihanna has been known to make requests for a tube of the magical stuff before manicures. That totally makes sense — an Allure fave, Weleda Skin Food is a rich cream that includes calendula, chamomile, pansy, and sweet almond oil to alleviate dryness and balance the moisture levels of skin for all seasons. (Personally, like Rihanna, I find it particularly useful around dry cuticles, and also like to use it around my eyes when I'm feeling bored by my trusty Aquaphor.)

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InStyle notes that Weleda's Skin Food is also a staple in the beauty routines of many other celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Adele, and Victoria Beckham. It's also been a long-time fave of makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. She notes that it can be used to prep the skin for makeup, or on top of makeup as a nice, added glow.

If you're interested in moisturizing like Rihanna, Weleda Skin Food is only $12 and can be purchased on the brand's website or at many drugstores.

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