Neon Hair Colors Are Seriously Trending for Fall

It may be the end of summer, but the neon trend is not going away anytime soon, especially when it comes to hair. Lime green, electric yellow, and hot pink are just a few of the fluorescent hues spotted lately on celebs like Katy Perry, who just added some neon green color to her famous crop. In August, before Cardi B went for shocking pink hair, she debuted a custom aqua blue wig designed by Cliff Vmir — worn long, straight, and with a mini topknot — to match the shade of her Lamborghini, of course. Soon after, Kim K did the same with a frosty green wig, courtesy of her go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton.

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And so, the neon hair trend (which has been around for ages) was rekindled and spread like wildfire.

Last week, Lil’ Kim walked the VFiles runway during New York Fashion Week while her new song, “Go Awff” played in the background. Her long, acid-yellow hair matched her corset-style top and short-sleeved tuxedo jacket from the brand’s Yellow Label. A fitting getup for the Queen Bee.

Of course, bold hues like these are not for the meek. “It's all about standing out. If you can rock bright yellow hair, you can probably pull off anything,” says hairstylist Kellon Deryck, who works with L’Oréal Paris and names like Dej Loaf, Missy Elliott, and Monica Brown. “I think the trend sparked as a result of people wanting to showcase their versatility.” It also takes confidence to wear a look so bold, so more power to you if opt for a brighter than bright-colored coif.

“I think fantasy colors will always be around but it’s interesting and fun to see them evolve,” colorist Rachel Bodt tells Allure. “Pastels had a moment and now it’s neon colors.” If you’re already dreaming of your next bold dye job, know that it does require extra care. Since your hair needs to be lifted to a super light shade in order to achieve the look, the process can be extremely damaging. Before booking your appointment, Justin Anderson, colorist and creative director of DpHue, advises you to do your research. “First, I would suggest finding a professional that does a lot of vibrant colors. They will then bleach the sections of hair you are looking to get colored and sometimes toning is necessary.” Next up is a wash and dry, then color application, process, another wash and dry, and voilà — neon hair.

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To make the color last longer, Anderson suggests not washing your hair with shampoo so often. Instead, use DpHue’s Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse. Along with the star ingredient in its name, the product contains argan oil, fire tulip, lavender extract, and aloe vera. Overall, it will help maintain your color without stripping it.

Neon hues will appear dry and faded when applied to damaged-looking hair, so having your ends trimmed can make a huge difference. Colorist Aura Friedman suggests using a cleansing milk once or twice a week. She says, "Olaplex is a great treatment to strengthen the hair without using protein, as it is a bond-building treatment. A conditioning mask is helpful as well — make sure that it is for color-treated hair." Friedman also suggests limiting your use of heat styling tools such as flatirons and blow-dryers.

For conditioners, Bodt goes for color-depositing ones like Overtone. She adds, “You can also make your own [formula] with a deep conditioner and Manic Panic or Adore [dyes]. Apply this once a week.”

On the flip side, if you’re not ready for such a dramatic permanent change, there’s always the wig option. The first tip to rocking one is to make sure you don’t stain the lace of your wig (especially in the parting area) with any color, as this will make it look unrealistic. Take it one step further and add a natural root color. “If you find yourself needing to tone down the areas around your face, try using the light brown shade of L’Oréal Paris Root Cover Up if you don't want to risk ruining your color with another dye job," says Deryck. "Spraying a little less than an inch onto your roots will add depth to the color and tone it down.”

As for baby hairs, let ‘em be. Smoothing those flyaways down along the hairline of a neon wig can be excessive, and won't look as polished as a natural-colored wig regardless. Remember: less is more when it comes to bright colors.

One final rule of thumb if you’re looking to go neon — be it with a dye job or a wig — consider wearing neutral or less vivid colors to make your hair really stand out. Now, the hardest question of all: which color on the rainbow spectrum will you choose?

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