Miranda Kerr Got Chunky, Face-Framing Highlights

When I was in middle school, I wanted to look exactly like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the cinematic masterpiece Holiday in the Sun. Their middle-parted, straight hair fell just past the shoulders and felt like the height of chicness. They may have been only 15 years old, but I thought the style was the most sophisticated a person could possibly look. Even today, as they’ve evolved into high-fashion designers, Mary-Kate and Ashley still rock their middle-parted hairstyles, but now with beachy waves to spice it up. But it looks like model Miranda Kerr is on a mission to bring back MK & A’s old swag with her new hairstyle. I guess she and I both love movies about spring break from 2001.

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Her new middle-parted, just slightly angled look comes courtesy of hairstylist Harry Josh, who is also responsible for supermodel styles on Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge. Kerr’s hair is blown straight and flatironed (most likely with a $250 Harry Josh Pro Tools Ceramic Straightener, if I had to guess.) It’s sleek, but not 2018, “Gigi Hadid slicked back on the red carpet” sleek. Flyaways may happen. If she’s like me in seventh grade, it’ll probably also static cling to her backpack.

Just as retro are Kerr’s face-framing blonde streaks. This is a colorists’ trick — make the hair lightest at the front to give an illusion of all-over blonde. But Kerr clearly has no interest in all-over blonde. She’s rocking two streaks, and that’s where she draws the line. The only way this look could get more late ’90s/early aughts is if her hair was in a messy bun with just one streak hanging down directly in front of her eyes. In fact, it kind of reminds me of the bleach job I did on a cute guy I met in home ec back in the day. The only difference is, Kerr is a freaking supermodel, so of course, she looks amazing — even with a zebra stripe straight out of Tiger Beat.

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Kerr and Josh are onto something — a hairstyle that doesn’t look like it’s working too hard. It looks good with that bright red lip applied by makeup artist Hung Vanngo, and it works with more vampirish, pulled-back fall tones.

It looks best, of course, when accessorized with a copy of Allure.

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