Kehlani Is Now a Member of the Shag Haircut Club

Since Kehlani bleached their brunette hair in July, many folks (including us) haven't been able to get enough of the gorgeous two-toned hair. Hairstylist Preston Wada added a platinum-blonde skunk stripe that runs through the right side of their head and bleached the entire front of the left side as well. The singer-songwriter is definitely giving Cruella De Vil a run for her money with this black-and-white hair color. Now, the star is back with another drastic hair change: a shag haircut with a set of curtain bangs.

Kehlani debuted the new look during New York Fashion Week and shared a few photos with their 13 million and counting Instagram fans on September 7. This is actually not Kehlani's first time with a fringe, but these bangs sure are different from last time with their half-and-half hair color. One side is a jet-black hue while the other is platinum blonde, and they look so good right next to each other. The bangs practically fall right into their eyes and cover most of their eyebrows.

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While this fringe is everything, we are obsessed with the rest of the shag haircut as well. This cut is actually a wig that hairstylist Kahh Spence cut and customized for the musician — he definitely went to work with his hair shears and flat iron. This layered cut is perfection and ends a few inches below Kehlani's shoulders. The hair is sleek and straight with a slight bump at the ends that adds something special to the whole look. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if these photos were already saved and bookmarked on people's hair inspiration boards because the cut is just that good. 

Between the platinum skunk stripe and shag cut, this style feels like a perfect fit for Kehlani. We especially love that makeup artist Troye Antonio opted for a defined smoky eye on the performer because it complements the edgy look so well. Kehlani's eyes draw you in with a sultry gaze that would surely win any America's Next Top Model challenge. Antonio also added a blinding champagne-colored highlight to their cheeks, plus a nude gloss to complete the look. 

Although Kehlani plays with different hairstyles a lot, we haven't seen seen too many looks like this one from her. We really are loving how they switched it up for fashion week and started with a bang (ha, get it?). Even though it's a wig, we definitely hope we see this skunk-colored unit again.

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