Jessie James Decker Is Getting Mom-Shamed for Her Daughter's Sun Tan

Celebrity moms have received plenty of unwarranted criticism and unsolicited advice about the most ridiculous things. For example, Kylie Jenner was shamed for having long nails, while Kourtney Kardashian received similar feedback for not tweezing her son's eyebrows. The latest target of mommy-shaming? Jessie James Decker for allegedly letting her daughter go out in the sun and return with a sun tan.

Over the weekend, Decker posted a photo of her daughter, Vivianne Rose, sitting on the couch and eating an apple. In the photo, the 4-year-old is visibly tanned, and Decker captioned it, "Tan bunny." While many comments were supportive and complimentary, Yahoo Lifestyle noticed that some users began criticizing the singer for letting her child have a sun tan.

"Children shouldn't be tanning. Skin cancer is never a good look," wrote one user, who appears to have since deleted their comment, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. "She’s gorgeous like her parents. I have Italian skin that tanned and ended up with a melanoma at 40. FYI," cautioned another, while still others wrote, "MELANOMA take it serious my daughter has it and it came from the Sun" and "Don't u know ur child’s skin is very delicate."

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Luckily, many more fans jumped to Decker's defense, posting comments about how their own children tan regardless of how much sunscreen they apply and asking others to stop "armchair-parenting." "You don't have to explain yourself to people," one user wrote. "These are your kids and [you're] a good mom. People need to occupy themselves with something better to do with their time. Ignore the parent-shamers, shame on them!"

While sun protection is certainly a crucial step in protecting yourself against skin cancer, which is on the rise, there's absolutely no way to know whether Decker applied sunscreen to her child or not. Not to mention it's no one's business but hers, regardless.

There are way more important things to worry about — like how to identify the warning signs of skin cancer on your own body as the summer gets hotter.

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