How are varicose veins and what measures relieve the discomfort?

In the case of varicose veins, in the jargon also varicose veins called, are superficial veins, the tortuous mostly to the legs, knot-shaped, or branchy emerge. “In the end, can varicose veins develop in the veins but in almost all regions of the body, when the venous Outflow is impeded,” explains a specialist in angiology and phlebology the vascular centre Münchner Freiheit. Normally, the veins return the blood against gravity to the heart. This SAG, however, is disturbed by the return flow and the blood pools in the legs. As a result, an enlargement of superficial veins, so that they are bulging out of the skin significantly. But what actually happens in the body, the venous valves can no longer close properly, and why women more often get varicose veins than men?

Causes and symptoms of varicose veins

As more and more women suffer from weakness than men under a congenital connective tissue may explain why they often suffer from varicose veins. In addition, the veins wear out with age, becoming stronger and thus varicose veins promote. And, unfortunately, are not even all of the reasons that can cause superficial veins to expand on the legs and deform. Also an Excess of female hormones (such as during pregnancy), lack of movement, standing occupations, tight clothing, and Obesity can be in the case of existing varicose veins inconvenient. In Germany alone, between 50 and 80 percent of the population are affected. “This well over 50 percent have only a slight, not dangerous, varicose veins, only about five to 15 per cent, it is more pronounced, or very clearly,” says the specialist.

The complaints, which may be triggered by, for each person is different. Many Sufferers complain of tension and hard feelings in the legs or pain that occur especially in connection with long periods of Standing or Sitting – and on warm days, be strengthened. In the case, it is not only a purely aesthetic Problem, as in the case of spider veins, but to a medical. “At least then only a beauty not are varicose veins of errors, but require a thorough medical examination and, if necessary, treatment. Varicose veins not recede by itself!”, the specialist is concerned. Thus, it is important to determine the cause in advance, since there is suffering, two different forms of varicose veins: primary and secondary varicose. What you will learn in the next paragraph.

Primary and secondary varicose briefly explained

The primary varicose veins is one of the most common Form of varicose veins, as it is based on a congenital weakness of the venous valves. “As a result, the vein walls dilate, and the venous valves no longer close properly. The blood accumulates in the veins and they expand permanently sick”. Depending on the Form in which the varices occur, a distinction is made between four different types:

The secondary varicose veins usually arises as a result of a thrombosis. A blood clot forms in a deep Under -, or thigh vein, resulting in the corresponding vein is clogged. As a result of the increasing pressure, the vessel walls expand and it is the characteristic of varicose veins to form. “In the early phase of thrombosis, it is not significant varicose veins. If the clot cannot be removed quickly, are threatening to create a permanent obstruction of the blood outflow in the deep veins, and in the course of time, secondary superficial varicose veins”, are concerns of the specialist.

These are the treatment options

Depending on whether you suffer from primary or secondary varicose, there are different treatment options. To the non-drug therapy include compression stockings, the pressure on the legs to increase and thereby ensure that the blood to flow away more quickly and the legs down. Since they are customized individually, there is no guarantee that the promised relief actually occurs. In pronounced cases, a made-to-measure would be recommended in the chronic Phase, a leg-compression stocking is sufficient.

Among the drug treatment options over-the-counter pills, drops or ointments to alleviate discomfort due to varicose veins. “The varicose veins or even eliminate can heal, does not exist!” warns the doctor. There are both veins toning medium, as well as edema protectives – both are made of plant extracts made. The first option is to increase the clamping force of the veins, the Latter to counteract the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Both are there mostly in the Form of creams and ointments for external treatment – the relief, however, occurs only with regular application.

There are also special ointments and gels from Heparin or Hirudin, which has a cooling effect on the promise and, therefore, the superficial veins inflammation are recommended. “Your Problem, however, is their often poor absorption, and, moreover, their effect is certainly not strong,” explains the specialist, and adds: “As a sole therapy, you are in a unique Phlebitis but not sufficient!”. The Same is true for dehydrating medications (diuretics), which, in his opinion, only in the short term to be used should, for example, if the tissue is very much fluid has collected.

Note: If you are under a deep-vein thrombosis, the medications usually not.

In addition to the drug therapy options, there are also interventional, and surgical techniques, including the obliteration (sclerotherapy) and vein Stripping. In the first option, the vessel walls of the vein to be glued with a special liquid sealed or with a special foam. In the second case, the veins are shut down or surgically removed through a small incision in the skin through which the probe is inserted and the affected vein, or the diseased part of your separate or pull out.

In addition, there is also the endoluminal radio-frequency treatment and the endoluminal laser therapy: in This, the veins are closed, which is a purely outpatient under local anesthesia, and carried out methods. Also a bonding of the superficial saphenous veins has recently been recommended, but as yet no long-term studies. The earlier-executed Stripping operation is passed through the above-mentioned new methods of therapy clearly in the Background.

Best to discuss with your local doctor or a vascular specialist (cardiology / angiology and phlebology), which therapy is best for you.

These actions you can take

The most Important thing in advance: The following recommendations may help to relieve your symptoms – there are, however, no behavioral measures, through the varicose veins disappear.

The healthier you are, the healthier your blood vessels are.

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