For more well-being: These tips will help for blemished skin

Pimples, pustules and blackheads on the skin at the Affected for shame, because bad skin does not adhere to often the prejudice, to care for the skin adequately. It is important that blemished skin is to be classified, because the appearance is different for everyone. In most cases pimples, blackheads, and redness of the skin due to changes in the care routine and way of life can be effectively combated in other cases, reasons behind the skin of impurities and only the visit to the dermatologist can clear the timer. What tips and (home-)helps against blemished skin and when you see a doctor should be, read here.

Impure skin: it is important to note

Impure skin whether the face, the shoulders or the back of the well-being of Affected influenced everyday life significantly. The fear to be addressed, or to show skin in the summer, is often a companion and restricts people with blemished skin. So not only itchy and inflamed pimples can lead to problems, but also the mental concomitants. People with bad skin are therefore always on the lookout for (faster) support, so that the disturbances disappear and the skin will look clean and supple. It is often sufficient, when you change your eating and living habits, or the impure skin with suitable products from the drugstore or pharmacy and self-treat. The following tips are to be observed in addition to:

Blemished skin properly clean and maintain

There are care and cleaning products that are particularly well suited for the treatment of impure skin. These include:

Non-comedogenic products

The term Comedogenic refers to substances that cause blemishes and clog pores. A composition that does not clog the pores of the skin, is referred to as Non-comedogenic. For example, if you wear Makeup to the skin blemishes to cover, you should definitely Not komedogenes Make-up draw, the on the needs of impure, acne-prone skin is.

pH-neutral products

Regular cleaning and care of the skin is important, but should not attack the important protective acid mantle of the skin. pH-neutral products, can help the natural protective barrier of the skin to protect. The pH should be around 5.5 because that is the natural protective acid mantle of the skin. Also, fragrance free and skin friendly products are not for blemished skin is useful, which can irritate the skin.

Natural Remedies

Home remedies can help with blemished skin. The advantage is, there are almost everywhere and they are for the skin, and easily tolerated. Healing earth is part of, for example, the mineral powder is particularly skin-friendly and the ingredients can help pimples heal faster to let. There is healing earth , both as a loose powder or as a ready-made mask for external use. Did you know that Aloe vera is effective against the impurities can be? The active ingredients contained therein are astringent and anti-bacterial. In addition, for example, gels with Aloe vera moisturizing and ideal for dry skin, to pimples, blackheads and redness prone.

Blemished skin not only occurs in the face, but also on the shoulders, on the chest or on the back

Impure skin: skin type determine

What is the proper care and cleaning products for you are determined by your skin type. Those who know their own skin type, you can fine-tune the products so that impurities can be reduced.

Skin type



Normal Skin

Normal skin is usually easy to care for. Impure skin is less common, but can arise, for example, by hormonal changes, improper care or diet.



Oily Skin

You can recognize oily skin, large pores and a slight Shine that will never completely disappear –like blemishes and acne.



Dry Skin

Dry skin is often flaky and needs to be particularly moisturizing.



Combination skin

The so-called T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) in the case of mixing the Rest of the skin is often greasy, more or less dry. The care products should nourish the skin with moisture, but not fat.



Impure Skin: Causes

If blackheads, pimples, redness of the skin, or even acne to occur it can have various causes.


Dark blackheads occur when the glands produce too much sebum and this can not leak out through the channel of the sebaceous follicle because the skin is verhornt. The stored Skin dye Melanin reacts with the oxygen in the air and stains the blackheads dark. Most frequently they occur on the forehead, nose and chin.

Pimples and redness

The clogged pores inflammation of the skin, it is called pimples. The skin reddens, bacteria can settle and cause an infection. Often a pus-stove occurs, the the the pimples have a white-yellow tint.


If the pimples occur regularly, and increasingly, it is called acne. It is a hormone-related disease, particularly the male sex hormones. Not all acne is the same, because there are different forms and degrees of hardness. Often occurs in puberty, when the hormones in the body go crazy. The male hormones, the sebaceous glands produce sebum. If the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, however, are narrowed, it can fat, the excess skin is hard to escape, and sebum accumulates. Acne occurs not only in adolescence but also in adulthood. It is a disease, and victims suffer from the symptoms.

Impure skin: when should you to the doctor?

Impure skin is normal, everyone is affected in life at least once, therefore, must not be used in any skin redness or any pimples consult your doctor. If you suffer, however, under the unclean skin, the symptoms do not disappear and blackheads and pimples on a nationwide basis, or large nodules, blisters, or inflammation of the skin develop, you should seek the help of a skin doctor. A healthy diet, or cleaning products from the drugstore and the pharmacy are not enough then. The doctor can determine the Form of acne, and together with you an appropriate treatment setting.

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