Every Tattoo Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have Gotten in Their 2-Month Relationship

Though Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have only been dating a few months (depending on which timeline you believe), they've already gotten multiple tattoos signifying their love for each other. Tattoos are great ways to mark major life events, honor loved ones, or simply decorate your body with something beautiful, and Grande and Davidson are obviously down to get ink for all of these reasons and more. Ahead, take a peek at all the tattoos they've gotten so far to commemorate their relationship.

First, Davidson covers up his Cazzie David tattoo

It only makes sense that before you start getting a plethora of tattoos for your new relationship, you should probably cover any tattoos related to your exes. That's why Davidson went to tattoo artist Jon Mesa to cover up the portrait tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David with a forest.

Grande gets a "Lumos" tattoo

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, indeed. Grande shared this "Lumos" tattoo on her Instagram Story just a week before she and Davidson made their official Harry Potter-themed Instagram debut that included her now-infamous "u tryna slytherin" comment. Classic.

Davidson gets a bunny mask tattoo behind his ear and Grande's initials on his right thumb

Shortly after the couple went Instagram official, Davidson got a tattoo of the bunny mask from Grande's "Dangerous Woman" album cover behind his ear to make a huge statement about his commitment to her (or maybe he just really liked that album).

The couple gets matching cloud tattoos

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Right after news that the couple was engaged, Grande announced her upcoming fragrance, which has a bottle shaped like a cloud. The couple soon showed off matching cloud tattoos on the middle fingers of their left hands, shaped similarly to the bottle of the fragrance.

Grande, Davidson, and friend Courtney Chipolone get "H2GKMO" tattoos

In the middle of June, The Cut reported that Grande and friend Courtney Chipolone got tattoos of an acronym of Grande's favorite phrase, "Honest to God, knock me out," shortened to "H2GKMO." While the Instagram story showed the tattoo on Grande and Chipolone and just tagged Davidson, it's pretty clear in this Instagram photo from his account that he also got the shortened phrase tattooed.

The couple gets matching "REBORN" tattoos

On the same day they got the H2GKMO tattoos, Davidson got a tattoo that reads "REBORN," according to Us Magazine. Grande got a tattoo with the same word, which she posted to her Instagram Story, as tweeted by Twitter user @reillyfaberrr.

Grande gets Davidson's late father's badge number tattooed on her foot

Pete Davidson's father, Scott Davidson, was a firefighter who died during the attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001. His badge number was 8418, and Davidson already has the numbers tattooed on his left forearm. Recently, fans have noticed that Grande has the same numbers tattooed on her left ankle as a way to pay tribute to her fiance's father.

Though it looks like that's it for now, we'll keep you updated when these two hit the tattoo studio again. It should be any day, now.

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