Did Twitter Just Get Lush to Make a "God Is a Woman" Bath Bomb?

With a title like "God Is a Woman," you'd expect Ariana Grande's latest music video would have some epic imagery. It does not disappoint. ICYMI, one particularly holy scene features a body paint-bedecked Grande languidly floating in a tub filled with what looks like the world's sickest galaxy-inspired bath bomb. Now, thanks to the power of Twitter, Lush Cosmetics might actually be making the "God Is a Woman" bath bomb a reality.

Let me begin with a confession: I'm not much of a bath person. (Bathtubs in New York City apartments aren't exactly plentiful or luxurious, TBH.) But upon seeing the giant tub filled with what can only be described as liquid heavens was truly spectacular. Upon seeing the scene created by body paint artist Alexa Meade, even I couldn't help but think, "I wanna get in there."

Fans on Twitter had the same reaction, but one brilliant bath time genius took it a step further by tweeting at Lush Cosmetics. "@lushcosmetics make a bath bomb that looks like this and call it God Is a Woman so I can bathe feeling like a goddess." Naturally, people freaked out over the idea — Grande herself even responded, tweeting "omg @lushcosmetics I'll do anything."

Then a true miracle happened. Jack Constantine, Lush's product inventor, started creating a God Is a Woman prototype in the Lush Lab made in Grande's image. He shared the first version on Instagram and the excitement from Lush fans — including Grande — reached a near-religious fervor. Even in it's first iteration, the prototype is already pretty close to Grande's galaxy bath. The frothy lavender and teal bomb looks like it could use a little more magenta to be an exact replica, but it's pretty damn close. "Still needs work. Version two tomorrow," Constantine wrote on Instagram.

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According to the brand, it may not be long before the God Is a Woman bath bomb is available for you to drop in your own tub while blasting Grande in your bathroom — all thanks to the power of Twitter. Praise be.

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