You Won't Believe What People Keep Asking Pregnant Amy Schumer

Actor Amy Schumer is as irreverent as ever — and her pregnancy is definitely comedic fodder. Schumer is a full six months out from her due date, but she recently quipped that apparently, inquiring minds must know: "Are you crowning yet?"

On Sunday, Schumer cracked up the crowd with this and other gems at "A Night With Amy Schumer" in New York. The event was a benefit for Liuba Grechen Shirley’s congressional campaign, but it was also a chance for Schumer to open up about her first trimester. Schumer kicked off her set by rubbing her tummy and saying simply, "So, I’m pregnant." At one point, she chowed down on takeout mid-performance. #PregnancyGoals

Schumer told the audience that it’s been nonstop puking for her. She also said that zipping up jackets had become a challenge and that hormones were making her "incredibly mean" to her husband, chef Chris Fischer, who penned The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook. Nope, we don’t know what a beetlebung is either, but we’re glad Fischer is whipping up Schumer’s weakness (penne alla vodka) at all hours for his pregnant wife.

“I married a chef because I’m a fucking genius,” Schumer said. 

Schumer’s pregnancy announcement came on Tuesday (on friend and journalist Jessica Yellin’s Instagram page). In fact, she announced right after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (that’s Harry and Meghan, BTW) made their royal baby announcement. On Sunday, Schumer joked to the audience, “[I]t’s not fun to be pregnant at the same time as Meghan Markle." No, we can’t imagine it would be.

Schumer’s been poking fun at her pregnant self on social media, and we admit we are kind of digging it. On Instagram, she posted a pic comparing the first trimester to a grotesque crime scene. She captioned it, "First trimester had me like," referring to an image she posted of herself face-down in a bowl at the dinner table. She added, "#soblessed."

Schumer also posted a comic shot of herself with her hands over belly, captioned, "My precious."

Why couldn’t we have been pregnant at the same time as Amy Schumer? We have a hunch her relatable (and, frankly, hilarious) candor is going to be serious balm for other newly pregnant women whose pregnancies don’t feel like Meghan’s (seemingly) dainty gestation. Guess whose bodies Schumer photo-edited her own head and Fischer’s upon? We have to think that somewhere in private, Harry and Meghan are cracking up too.

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