Why the Jonas Brothers Are in Hilary Duff's Family Photos

Everywhere she looks in her home, Hilary Duff will see the Jonas Brothers. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have popped up in her family photos, and it is all thanks to a hilarious dad joke by her husband Matthew Koma.

The Winnetka Bowling League musician utilized his preschool skills — maybe with the help of their 3-year-old daughter Banks? — to literally cut and paste pictures of the Jonas Brothers’s heads all over family portraits in their home. These heads are slightly bigger than the bodies they are on, making it even funnier. And there’s a video of the comedic gold!

“Added the Jonas Brothers to all our family photos to see if the wife notices,” the singer captioned the video shared to Instagram today.

The video, which shows evidence of the prank, is set to “Everywhere You Look” by Jesse Frederick, aka the Full House theme song. There’s a nice, framed photo of Duff holding Banks, with Nick’s head pasted over Koma. In the next one, a shirtless Koma holds a baby (presumably their daughter, Mae, 1, when she was an infant), who has Joe’s face slotted in.

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One photo is a baby wearing just a diaper — with Kevin’s face mashed on top. Joe has the honor of taking Duff’s place in a black-and-white shot of a pregnant Duff in a birthing pool. Other hilarious moments include Nick’s face pasted over Duff’s son Luca, 10, whom she shares with ex Mike Comrie, when he’s relaxing on the couch. Kevin is a baby on the beach in the next shot.

When Frederick croons, “life is waiting to carry you home,” Koma pans to a photo of a smiling Duff being carried by Nick. All three Jonas Brothers are featured in various wedding shots of Koma and Duff, making them a part of the special day! At the end, a throwback picture of the three brothers wearing sweater vests and collared shirts is printed out next to a family of bears on a shelf.

At least two of the Jonas Brothers saw the prank. Joe commented, “Love you papa” and Kevin wrote, “☠️☠️☠️” on the video. Koma responded to Joe with two orange heart emojis and to Kevin by writing, “@kevinjonas you’re our cutest kid but don’t tell the others.” Kevin wrote back, “@matthewkoma daddy’s favorite.” My 2000s pop music-obsessed heart can’t take it!

So far, no word yet on if Duff has noticed. Maybe she’s too busy cracking up to respond.

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