The Best Pajamas for Tweens, Because They Aren't Into Little-Kid PJs Any More

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You may be wondering why we’re doing a roundup of the best pajamas for tweens. Who cares what kind of pajamas tweens wear, right? Well … they do. If you’ve already got a tween, or have one preparing to enter those befuddling tween years, you already know that they’re getting very particular about certain things — one of them being their style, because heaven forbid you put them in something that a child would wear. And yes, that even extends to pajamas.

Tweens — kids between 8-12 years old — are tricky little humans, caught in the space between little-kid and big-kid. One minute they’re huffing for you to stay out of their room; the next, they’re sheepishly asking if they can sleep in your bed. They want phones and later bedtimes, but also toys and snuggles. They’re growing, tastes changing and attitudes fluctuating, and it can be hard to keep up with their ever-evolving preferences. Should you treat them like a little kid or like a teen? It depends on the day. Parenting tweens is not for the faint of heart.

Luckily, we’ve made at least their sleepwear a no-brainer by rounding up the best pajamas for tweens: you know, those perfect pairs that are age-appropriate, but not babyish by any stretch of the imagination — definitely not the cartoon character prints and footies they seemed to be OK with wearing yesterday. Because they may still want to snuggle with their parents sometimes, but they sure don’t wanna look like a toddler while they do.



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