Shawn Johnson's Daughter Worked Out Like a Tiny Gymnastics Pro in Adorable Sparkling Leotard

Shawn Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter Drew is taking after her mama. Johnson shared a video of the little one embarking on a gymnastics journey that involved jumping into colorful ball pits and walking on the balance beam — all while wearing a pretty rocking sparkly leotard.

“This was such a special day @drewhazeleast met my gymnastics coach and played in the gym,” Johnson captioned the post. “We decided to make a full @youtube video out of it!”

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Head to Johnson’s YouTube channel and you’ll see Drew in all her glory, taking her very first gymnastics class at her mom’s olympic gym.  Her day included bouncing, summersaults, more bouncing and a whole bunch of running. On a scale of 1-10, the video hits 100 at adorableness level. “Taking Drew to the gym I grew up in and realized my dreams was beyond special,” Johnson wrote in the description. “Seeing how happy she was… I have no words. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that Drew is already a mini athlete. Back in April, Johnson shared a video of her daughter fearlessly diving into the pool. People were — understandably — wildly impressed. “Wow! Lil water gymnast!” one person wrote. “That’s freaking amazing. Taking after her mom,” someone else added.

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Johnson has been quick to share both the highs and lows of parenting with her fans — including that awful, nagging feeling of mom guilt. Last year, the athlete opened up about her experience in an intimate post that focused on some of those hard times. “I spent half of church crying in my chair because Drew was sad going into Sunday School this morning,” she wrote in on Instagram. “It’s probably just pregnancy hormones but the amount of mom guilt I felt killed my soul. They texted us 2 minutes later to say she was happy and playing but I still continued to cry.”

Even after Johnson was able to confirm that Drew was doing okay, she still experienced the weight of the moment.  “It’s sometimes so hard to handle all of the love my heart feels for this little human and I never want to make the wrong decision for her. Andrew quietly held my hand as I pulled myself back into the reality that she is ok and this is normal.”

It is so, so normal and we can’t be more pleased that Johnson is open to sharing the wonderful and tough times so we all feel a little less alone.

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