Shawn Johnson Dances With Baby, Guesses Mom Shamers Will Think It's 'Very Wrong'

We love Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson for about a million reasons. Well, make that a million and one.

On Friday, Dec. 20, Johnson danced and twirled with her newborn daughter, Drew (one month old) in an Instagram video. And having already been mom-shamed by trolls who insisted Drew had been under-dressed indoors, Johnson preemptively clapped back at any potential trolls here: She captioned the video, “My favorite. Dancing with my girl @drewhazeleast (Yessss mommy shamers… I am sure there is something I am doing very wrong.) #momlife.”

In the super sweet video, the fresh-faced author of Winning Balance and underslept new mama waltzed with the baby in arms as her hubby, Andrew East, a pro football player, serenaded them with “White Christmas.” I mean… can you even? Because we cannot.

At the end of the video East concluded by saying, “Dances with Drew.”

Johnson’s fans loved the pointed remark to any possible mom-shamers.

“Looks good to me,” wrote one. “Nothing better than dancing with your bebe.”

“Don’t let the mom-shamers get you down! You’re doing AMAZING!” said another.

“You’re loving your baby. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that!” said a third.

Johnson endured a miscarriage before she became pregnant with Drew, and it’s clear how much joy and healing her new daughter is bringing into her life this holiday season. Johnson’s Instagram page is full of new mom pics and videos — and we can’t get enough:

This, by the way, is the adorable video that some mom-shamers took umbrage with, claiming the baby “always looks cold.”



“35 degrees in Nashville. Parents always in pants and socks. But not the baby!!! This baby always looks cold,” one troll wrote. Sigh. When will people learn to mind their own business… and learn to celebrate the happiness of a brand-new family, especially one that has suffered so much before?

Plus, Johnson and East are Backstreet Boys soulmates, so everybody who’s hating on their parenting skills can just quit playing games with their hearts, okay? We said what we said. These two are #AllTheGoals.

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