Shawn Johnson Dances With Baby, Guesses Mom Shamers Will Think It's 'Very Wrong'

We love Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson for about a million reasons. Well, make that a million and one. On Friday, Dec. 20, Johnson danced and twirled with her newborn daughter, Drew (one month old) in an Instagram video. And having already been mom-shamed by trolls who insisted Drew had been under-dressed indoors, Johnson preemptively clapped back at any potential […]

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These Cute Kids Coats Will Keep Them Cozy 'Til Spring

So you’re out shopping, eyeing the cutest tiny clothes for your kids, only to realize you’re actually wishful-shopping for… yourself. No? Hasn’t happened to you? Just us? Well, we’re the first to admit there’s something about pint-size pieces we can’t seem to resist. And luckily for everyone looking for a good excuse to buy cute clothes for tots: winter is […]

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Study: Active voice conveys a sense of immediacy and increases the chance people will believe you

The way we interpret a message changes depending on whether it’s framed in the active or the passive voice, University of Toronto researchers have found—even if the content is exactly the same. “What we found is that depending on which form you choose, it changes how your audience comes to understand that message,” says Sam Maglio, an associate professor in […]

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