Pumpkin-Carving Templates Galore for Your Best Jack-o'-Lanterns Ever

It’s that time of year! Pumpkin spice is running rampant- maybe a little to rampant (seriously, anybody else seen those pumpkin spice tortilla chips? Calm yourselves.) and even though most stores busted out the pumpkins and hay bales in August, it is the month of Halloween, and you know what that means. Cozy sweaters, the leaves changing colors, Christmas stuff starts showing up on store shelves; autumn has officially arrived. Maybe all you do for Halloween is carve a couple pumpkins, make a holiday treat, set out a bowl of candy and watch from the window as all the tiny witches and ghosts clamor up your porch steps. Maybe you go full blown haunted house, and pumpkin carving is listed as a special skill on your resume. Maybe you just watch a couple Halloween movies with the kids, read them a few Halloween bedtime stories, and send them off for trick or treating with their friends while you turn off all the lights and pretend no one is home except you and your glass of rose. However you do Halloween, we could all use a little help with creating the perfect pumpkin for our porches.

We’ve rounded up 100 pumpkin carving templates to make sure your pumpkins get oohed and aahed by trick or treaters of all ages. From classic to modern, easy to difficult, we’ve got something for everyone and every skill level. So roll up your sleeves, squish some pumpkin guts and get ready to brag, because these templates are spooktacular. (Sorry, I had to.)

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.

Witch on a Broom

Nothing more Halloween-y than a witch on her broom. Anyone else want to try their hand at flying?

Bat 1

This little guy’s big eyes make him more cute than scary. 

Bat 2

If your littles are obsessed with superheros, feel free to tell them this is the Bat Sign for Batman. They’ll be thrilled, trust me, although you might have them walking around using the Batman voice for a few weeks post Halloween.

Bat 3

With it’s outstretched wings and pointy ears, this bat is spookily easy to carve. 

Bats 1

A group of bats is called a colony, check out this badass trio.

Bats 2

With their wings extended, these bats look like they’re coming right at you!

Cat Face

Sharp teeth, wide eyes, and whiskers, oh my!

Contemporary Face

If the classic toothy grin isn’t your thing, try this contemporary goofball.

Devil Pumpkin

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is more your kids speed, check out this ghoulish glare. 

Dog Face

Where would we be without our loyal fuzzy companions? Don’t let the cats have all the fun, carve man’s best friend on your pumpkin. 

Jack O’Lantern 1

This jack o’lantern looks like the bully in your kids class, and is sure to scare off those kids who try to snag an extra handful of candy.

Jack O’Lantern 2

Lopsided grins are in, embrace the imperfections on your pumpkin and work with the bumps and lumps.

Jack O’Lantern 3

Smile or grimace? Who knows, just go with it. 

Jack O’Lantern 4

Loopy crescent moon eyes are on fleek. Embrace your inner weirdo!

Jack O’Lantern 5

Friendly and inviting, this jack o’lantern won’t scare anyone away.

Jack O’Lantern 6

Triangles are easy to carve, and the abundance of them in this design makes it one the kids wil love.

Jack O’Lantern 7

Grinning from non existent ear to non existent ear.

Jack O’Lantern 8

Simple and perfect for those taller pumpkins, this face is super easy. 

Jack O’Lantern 9

All smiles from this gap toothed pumpkin.

Jack O’Lantern 10

If you make a mistake, no worries, make your pumpkins evil smile as misshapen as you’d like!

Jack O’Lantern 11

Who doesn’t love a big ol tongue hanging out? Add some green slime oozing out and you’re golden.

Jack O’Lantern 12

Cross eyed never looked so good.

Jack O’Lantern 13

Tell your kids this is the face they’ll be making if they eat too much candy.

Jack O’Lantern 14

Spooky and intimidating.

Jack O’Lantern 15

Rounded edges are a little trickier for kids, so you might have to help them out with this Halloween menace.

Jack O’Lantern 16

If triangle noses and square teeth are overrated, let your toddler draw their own face on the pumpkin to make their own masterpiece.

Jack O’Lantern 17

This jack o’lantern has better eyebrows than I do.

Jack O’Lantern 18

All edges and lines make this face easy to carve.

Jack O’Lantern 19

Talk about creepy, this lopsided smile and detail makes this jack o’lantern fit for the Headless Horseman.

Jack O’Lantern 20

This design is truly terrifying.

Jack O’Lantern 21

Another modern twist on the classic face.

Jack O’Lantern 22

Minimalist and perfectly Halloween.

Jack O’Lantern 23

More along the classic lines, these are features everyone will recognize.

Jack O’Lantern 24

If you have littler kids, this is the template for them. One tooth makes this template easy peasy.

Jack O’Lantern 25

Space your jack o’lanterns eyes apart for an alien look.

Jack O’Lantern 26

For round eyes, use cookie cutters to get that perfect circle, and then finish cutting them out with a knife.

Jack O’Lantern 27

This ghoulish smile will enchant all your trick or treaters.

Jack O’Lantern 28

To be super extra, save some of the pumpkin guts as you’re scooping out your pumpkin, and once you’ve carved a face, leave a glob of the guts hanging out of the mouth. Instant pumpkin vomit. 

Jack O’Lantern 29

Use this template as an example to show your kiddos how many teeth they’ll have left if they eat all their Halloween candy.

Jack o’lantern 30

Wailing pumpkins warn trick or treaters of what creepy crawlies are out tonight.

Jack O’Lantern 31

The triangular dual nostrils make this jack o’lantern look skeletal.

Jack O’Lantern 32

This cheeky bugger is pro trick, not treat.

Jack O’Lantern 33

If sad clown is what you’re gonig for, this template is perfect. 

Jack O’Lantern 34

This skull looking template accentuates it’s scary mouth with fangs for a Dracula look.

Jack O’Lantern 35

Mix it up with different shaped mouths and eyes for a really original jack o’lantern.

Jack O’Lantern 36

This jagged grin is sure to make your trick or treaters smile.

Jack O’Lantern 37

Is it just me, or is this guy looking AT you?

Jack O’Lantern 38

All work and no play makes this jack o’lantern one for the books.

Jack O’Lantern 39

Let the trick or treating begin!

Goofy Smile

This template has a lot of rounded edges, which are easier to achieve if you use a spoon to scrape any hard edges away once you’ve carved your face.

Toothy Smile

Happy Halloween!

Spooky Ghost

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls come out to play on Halloween night!

Creepy House

Haunted houses are the perfect Halloween night fright, and this template is complete with tiny tombstones.

Moon and Bats

This trio of furry friends are flying around a crescent moon, but feel free to customize the moon to whichever phase you like best.


A pumpkin on a pumpkin. How meta. 

Spikey Smile

Yikes, check out that spiky smile.

Mischevious Smile

This guy is clearly up to no good. 

Scary Face 1

The jagged edges to this creatures mouth almost makes it look like stitches.

Scary Face 2

This is a pretty scary looking face, the curved edges to the smile give it that extra creepy touch, your littles might want to steer clear of this pumpkin.

Scary Face 3

This template is great if your kiddos aren’t great at making straight lines. This more free form face is very forgiving of any carving mistakes your tot might make.

Scary Face 4

Again, this template is very forgiving for tiny hands that aren’t great at following straight lines. 

Scary Face 5

Devil horn shaped eyes make this demonic visage extra creepy.

Ghostly Teeth

These teeth are goofy, and make your Halloween pumpkin stand out. 

Skull 1

Skeletons and skulls are Halloween royalty, and this skull is no exception.

Skull 2

This is an unusual skull that adds crossbones to the design.

Skull 3

Skulls are seen as the perfect Halloween decor, for graveyards or your porch

Skull 4

This skull has finer lines and more detail to make it look more realistic, and this template makes it simple to achieve the look. 

Skull and Crossbones

Cartoony and perfect for kids, this template gives you the ultimate universally known symbol for danger, with a fun twist.


Dracula is king of the night! Doesn’t his smile look alot like the bat?

Drippy face

Spider 1

Spiders and creepy crawlies, oh my!

Spider 2

This graphic spider template is easy and fun.

Spooky Tree

Bare tree branches suddenly look like arms reaching out for you in the night on Halloween.

Scaredy Cat

You can almost hear this cat hissing, just look at it’s hair standing on end.

Ghost and Moon

These ghosts around the moon are the perfect Halloween silhouette.

Animal Face

This cute face is adorable, and a welcome break from the spooky pumpkins that usually grace people’s porches.

Crescent Moon

The simplest design that you could do, and you can keep it up as long as your pumpkin lasts, as it’s not Halloween specific.

Scream Face

This recognizable droopy scream face wil give fans of the horror genre an instant throwback. 

Melting Face

Unusal and eerie, this face will haunt your dreams.

Smiley face with Teeth

This is perhaps the most unsettling face you could put on your pumpkin, those teeth and that smile will give you nightmares for weeks. 

Big Smile with Teeth

Alright, I take it back, THIS is the most unsettling face you could  put on a pumpkin. 


All the iconic symbols of Halloween, together on one pumpkin.

Trick or Treat 1

The two most spoken words on Halloween night.

Trick of Treat 2

Tell it like it is.

Happy Halloween

Say it loud, say it proud.

Happy Halloween 2

Happy Halloween

Spooky Tree

This spooky tree lives up to it’s name, and will be even spookier by candlelight.

Haunted House

Haunted houses scream with Halloween spirit, and now you can bring one to your front door with this cute template.

Creepy Tree

This template is better for older kids with sturdier hands, as the fine detail work is tricky for little kids to manage.

Back from the Dead

Zombies are out tonight, beware!


Graveyards are the perfect place for some Halloween magic.


This cute and cuddly buddy is a great sidekick for all your little witches in training.

Black Cat

This feline has their eye on you.

Scary Ghost

Ghosts aren’t all like Casper, and this one looks like it’s up to no good!

Storm Trooper

Star Wars fans rejoice, now you can have your very own storm trooper for Halloween thanks to this template. 

One-eyed Monster

This cyclops is too friendly to scare trick or treaters.


Frankenstein is back from the dead and feeling very festive.


Nothing is scarier than a masked bandit, and this ninja is no exception!

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