New Mom Gifts That Have Nothing to Do With the Baby

New moms — at least the lucky ones — are often drowning in baby gifts: onesies, pacifiers, swaddles, those blankets for posing the baby on and circling how many months old they are, you name it. These presents arrive in droves in the weeks before and after the baby does. And yes, all those gifts are wonderful and thoughtful and generous. But they’re also all for… the baby. What are we moms, anyway? Chopped liver?

If you really want to make a new mom smile, give her something for herself.

Especially around the holidays, a gift that acknowledges just how dang tough it is to have a new baby will mean so much. And that holds true (possibly especially) even if the baby isn’t newborn-new; those second three months are just as tough as the first! (This goes double if it’s her second or third kid. Yes, she has all the baby gear, but now, she’s twice as wiped out.) So whether she’s in the trenches of breastfeeding, adjusting to the life rearrangement of constant newborn naps or just dealing with sleep deprivation, the gift ideas ahead are all about mom — and making her life easier at a time when she definitely needs all the help she can get.

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“It’s a Mom!” Balloon

We’ve long loved all things FridaBaby, but this item is particularly genius. Because why does it have to be all about the baby, anyway? A MOTHER HAS JUST BEEN BORN TOO, PEOPLE. Besides, this balloon announcement is a lot more with-it than those godawful “It’s a boy!” balloons and really anything gender-reveal-related — a trend that needs to be over, stat.

“It’s a Mom” balloon, $6.99 at FridaBaby.

Ember Travel Mug

Most new moms are 20 percent coffee at any given time, but having to put their cups down for diaper changes, feeds and calming baby means they might be holding a lukewarm unfinished cup two hours later. The Ember mug keeps java at a perfect preselected temperature for up to two hours. And the travel mug’s lid makes sure errant baby fingers don’t spill any precious brew.

Travel mug, $150 at Ember

Allbirds Wool Slip-On Sneakers

A good pair of slip-on shoes is a must for new moms who wear their babies in baby carriers or wraps. Tying shoes while baby-wearing is nearly impossible. These impossibly comfortable wool slip-ons are perfect for the cold weather.

Wool slip-on sneakers, $95 at Allbirds 

Hydroflask 32-Ounce Water Bottle

Postpartum hormones mean new moms are thirsty all the time. So she’ll appreciate an extra-large insulated water bottle — with a straw for one-handed hydration.

32-ounce water bottle, $45 at Hydroflask

Le Labo Candle in Laurier 62

Let’s face it: Some new moms are too busy to shower every day. But even if they’re not feeling fresh, their house can smell amazing. This fragrance has been known to please even the most scent-sensitive of noses.

Candle in Laurier 62, $75 at Le Labo

Gap Railroad-Stripe Diaper Bag

Sure, it doesn’t really matter whether she uses an official “diaper bag,” but it’s awfully nice to have an indestructible fabric and a matching changing pad. The neutral pattern is a nice departure from typical baby gear too.

Railroad-stripe diaper bag, $46 at Gap

Apple Watch Series 4

This is an extravagant gift, yes, but an Apple Watch can be a lifesaver for new parents. The feature to page your phone from your watch alone has saved this sleep-deprived new mama from ripping apart her house looking for her phone countless times. Add in the ability to set silent alarms to wake up for middle-of-the-night feedings and the ability to receive calls and texts without having to get up from underneath an infant, and this is a game-changing present.

Series 4 watch $399 and up at Apple

Daily Harvest Gift Pack

Finding time to get groceries is always a challenge with a newborn, so send the gift of one less errand with a Daily Harvest gift pack, which you can customize with breakfast smoothies, bowls and soups for lunch and dinner and even desserts — plus, everything is super-healthy. There are also new healthy holiday cookies ($48 for 12 at Daily Harvest) made from plant-based ingredients.

Daily Harvest gift pack (nine cups), $75 at Daily Harvest

Lululemon Align Pants

No matter what stage she is postpartum, these pants are ridiculously comfortable and stretch hundreds of ways. They’re perfect for those days she has to get dressed but really doesn’t want to.

Align pants, $98 at Lululemon

LG Tone Wireless Headphones

Conventional wisdom says new moms should keep nighttime feedings dark and quiet for their babies, so to combat boredom, a good pair of wireless headphones for late-night podcasting is clutch. These are ultra-lightweight but stay put in her ear and have a great battery life and awesome sound quality.

Tone wireless headphones, $150 at LG

BaubleBar Lexis Necklace

A necklace with mom’s own initial — not her baby’s — reminds her she is, despite all current signs to the contrary, still her own person.

Lexis necklace, $36, BaubleBar

Herschel Supply Co. Eye Mask

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” is easier said than done, but at least with this eye mask, she can give nap time a real shot.

Herschel Supply Co. eye mask, $10 at Nordstrom

Drunk Elephant The Littles Gift Set

This kit makes great skin a no-brainer — the products explain whether they’re for day or night use, and they’re all stamped with Sephora’s Clean Beauty seal of approval, so mom can feel good about snuggling baby with the products on.

Drunk Elephant The Littles gift set, $90 at Sephora

Chelsea28 Ella Pajamas

If she’s gonna be in her pj’s all day, they might as well be chic, right? (Bonus: they’re breastfeeding-friendly!)

Chelsea28 Ella pajamas, $59 at Nordstrom

Amazon Fire Tablet HD

A one-stop tablet for Kindle reading, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and more. During those long newborn baby feeds, she’ll be thankful for all her entertainment in one place.

Amazon Fire tablet HD, $150 and up at Amazon

SodaStream Fizzi Bundle

With this, she can mix up her routine with a little sparkling water and save some money on her LaCroix budget.

Fizzi bundle, $90 at SodaStream

Emu Jolie Slippers

One of the best parts about staying home all day with a cuddly newborn is wearing the perfect pair of slippers. These are cozy and rose gold, aka the perfect gift.

Emu Jolie slippers, $68 at Anthropologie

OtterBox Symmetry Series Mickey’s 90th iPhone Case

Kids are prone to accidentally knocking things over, so help keep her phone safe with an indestructible OtterBox case — the special-edition print celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday is bound to be a big hit with baby too.

Symmetry Series Mickey’s 90th iPhone case, $45 at OtterBox

Shashi Noa Ear Climbers

These earrings are cool without being fussy, will go with everything and lay flat against her lobe — nothing for Baby to pull on.

Shashi Noa ear climbers, $55 at Shopbop

Restoration Hardware Ultimate Faux-Fur Throw

For long days of cuddling a new baby, nothing is more snuggly than faux fur.

Ultimate faux-fur throw, from $159 at Restoration Hardware

‘She Believed She Could So She Did’ Tote Bag

A sweet little reminder that no one is stronger than a new mama.

“She Believed She Could So She Did” tote bag, $24 at Society6

The Spa Day Gift Box

Time to relax as a new mom is precious, so give her everything she needs to chill out in one easy box — it comes with bath salts, luxe lip balm, a candle, chocolate, tea and soap. Is there anything more relaxing than eating chocolate in the bath? No.

The Spa Day gift box, $123 at Teak and Twine


A Seriously Stunning Bouquet

An elegant bouquet (none of those grocery-store carnations, pleeez) is the impractical-but-perfect way to show a new mom she deserves all the little luxuries. 

Bouquets from $48 at Bouqs.

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