Kate Middleton Reveals She Has an ‘Early Start’ on Christmas, Proving the Royals Are Just Like Any Kids

Despite their royal status, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, are just like any other kid on Christmas morning. Kate Middleton recently joked about how she and Prince William were up early on Dec. 25, and all parents can relate.

In a Twitter video posted on Christmas Day, Princess Kate is seen accepting flowers from a little girl. “#PrincessCatherine #PrincessofWales meets little girl, India, who was right next to me. #RoyalFamily,” tweeted photographer Karen Anvil, who also shared that the video was taken by a woman named Victoria Bartlett. The video featured the quick and sweet exchange between Middleton and India.

“Thank you so much, what’s your name?” Princess Kate says in the video. “India,” she responds.

“Hi India, thank you so much. Have you had a nice morning?” The little girl affirms that she has, then asked Middleton, “Have you?”

“Has Father Christmas been?” Middleton asked, and the little girl nodded. “Yeah? Good!”

“I’ve had a lovely morning, thank you very much,” Middleton added. “Quite an early start this morning. As I’m sure you did!” I definitely had an early start to Christmas morning with my three kids, so I appreciate that despite their royal status, Prince William and Princess Kate had to wake up at the crack of dawn with their kids, too. It just really drives home how underneath it all, these kids are like any other.

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