Joanna Gaines' All-Nighter Mom Photo Is So Relatable

Joanna and Chip Gaines — former Fixer Upper stars — have their hands full with far more than home improvements these days. The couple welcomed son Crew on June 21, and the photos Joanna has been posting on social media tell a happy (if sleep-deprived) story of life with a newborn all over again.

“Evidence of a late night up with my boy #blowouts #allnighters #thisis40,” Joanna captioned this Instagram shot of a messy nursery floor (including a glimpse of sweet little curled baby feet).

MoreJoanna Gaines Reveals Latest Baby Was a Surprise

We seriously dig this photo of Joanna rocking her fifth child on the porch, with her dog Cookie at her feet. Talk about mom swag.

The Gaineses are the creators of magazine Magnolia Journal, and in its fall issue, Joanna confessed Crew was a complete surprise; she had thought her new mama days were well behind her. (She and her husband already share a lively posse: Drake, 13, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 8.) 

“I truly believed I was done. And yet, after eight years, here I am with a newborn in my arms,” Joanna wrote in Magnolia Journal. 

But the mom of five told People she’s is actually grateful for this unexpected new journey at 40.

“It’s sweet how, even in the most unpredictable ways, we’re given exactly what we need for that exact moment in time,” she said. “It wasn’t something I could have anticipated. But being pregnant and ‘forced’ to slow down has been a gift.”

Like the rest of her fans, we’re melting over the photos she’s been sharing. When she posted this shot of hubby Chip and son Duke cuddling the new arrival, we actually awwed out loud. Hey, we’re not too proud to admit it. Her caption? “Walked into this cuddlefest and my heart almost burst.”

Joanna realized she was pregnant several weeks after she and Chip decided to leave their much-loved show Fixer Upper to focus on new projects. The two seem very content with this particular "project" that’s keeping them up all night. Chip also recently posted a pic of their new arrival on Instagram.

Chip wrote simply: "My heart is full." Yup. We can definitely see why. Congrats to the whole big, bursting, sleep-deprived Gaines family.

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