If You’re A Capricorn, Do This Self-Care Routine


By Preston Smith/Aug. 24, 2021 3:33 pm EDT

Astrology is good for a lot of things. If we look at Capricorns, we can see that their sign should marry a certain type of person for optimal compatibility, as well as avoiding other types. Also, certain workout routines may be better suited for them than others. Of course, there are things that people get wrong about Capricorns, but a Capricorn will know in their hearts their true intentions, feelings, and motives in life.

What a Capricorn may struggle with is letting themselves relax. Capricorns are “the responsible friend,” according to Co-star Astrology. They’re ambitious, and they’re workaholics. If their brains aren’t running a million miles a second, they’re likely asleep or sick — and even then, their brains continue to churn out thoughts. Co-star Astrology describes Capricorns as being a “full grown adult since age six,” and this can have to do with how they handle their emotions in addition to their high levels of responsibility. Capricorns struggle to process and handle emotions because they’re so work-driven. Because of this, they can also struggle to take care of themselves.

A few daily tasks can change a Capricorn's life

For Capricorns, self-care is a must. They work so much that they need time to decompress and let out their emotions. In fact, Capricorns can often overlook the simplest of self-care tasks. This is why StyleCaster suggests that every Capricorn incorporate moisturizing into their daily routines. It’s a small (but easily forgotten) act, and it can make a world of difference for your skin. “And not just your face! Get your whole-a** body. When you slide into your sheets at night, I want you to feel like a smooth dolphin jumping into the waves with no fear of the future,” the outlet notes.

In this same vein, Capricorns need to simply take time for themselves. According to Flare, one of the best things a Capricorn can do is take a few minutes in the morning or evening to reflect. They should use this time to connect to themselves and to the world around them. Flare explains, “This doesn’t have to be all about serious goals, plans, or productivity. Remember that intentions can be very much about how you want to feel or what you need: ‘I set the intention to move through the day with joy. I set the intention to stay focused.'” In fact, not using this time for work-related thoughts will be a Capricorn’s hardest challenge, but if they can push through it, it will be incredibly rewarding.

These two tasks will keep Capricorns' minds clear and functioning

In addition to moisturizing and reflecting, Capricorns should commit to speaking daily affirmations into existence (via Your Tango). Capricorns are great at establishing routines, so if they can commit to their daily affirmations, whether it’s work-related or simply speaking emotions aloud, their minds will be freer. “Positive affirmations help keep Capricorn on track and focused on what they want in the world without causing any extra stress,” Your Tango explains.

The other daily goal a Capricorn can achieve is exercising. While this sounds basic, Girl Boss explains that “there’s a reason Capricorns are compared to mountain goats.” Capricorns and goats are both very determined beings, and if a Capricorn can exercise outside, the fresh air and stimulation will help them through the day. This will lower stress, clear their head, rid them of excess energy, and help in so many more ways. If they can combine outdoor exercise with other daily goals, such as affirmations and/or moisturizing, they’ll practice life-changing self-care.

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