Gabrielle Union Is Every Anxious Mom as Kaavia Learns to Ride a Pink Bicycle

Kaavia James has four wheels, and she’s ready to take on the world! But her mom, Gabrielle Union, seems a little more hesitant about her daughter’s newfound independence. In a new video posted to Instagram today, Union’s 4-year-old daughter is riding the cutest pink bicycle with training wheels, as her mom follows anxiously behind.

Kaavia, a.k.a. Shady Baby, who Union shares with husband Dwyane Wade, is confidently riding her all-pink bike, complete with pink wheels and silver glitter streamers coming down from the handlebars. As she pedals, her mom is following two steps behind to both caution and cheer her on. It’s like helicopter parenting, but on a bike!

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“Where are you going?” the Cheaper By The Dozen star says in the video.

“Forward,” Union coaches. “There you go, there you go,” she adds with a smile, while clapping for her daughter.

The camera then zooms into a completely nonchalant Kaavia, who is focused on riding her bike, as Union says “Push” right behind her and pedals her hands. “Mommy I got this” is cheekily written on the screen, and it’s so relatable. Every time kids get more independent, it’s scary as a mom! You want to encourage them, while also protecting them from getting hurt (or falling and scraping a knee). Luckily, Kaavia is completely unfazed by her mom’s hovering. She’s just doing her thing and riding away!

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The video, which was posted to Kaavia’s Instagram account, was captioned, “Picture me rollin. It’s on now!! Whatchall want from the store, I’m about to make a run real quick. #ToddlersOfInstagram”

“Good job honey! You did amazing 🤩💖💖💖💖,” one person commented. Another added, “Cheerleader Gab is the best ❤️❤️.”

Kaavia’s been having the most amazing summer with her parents, attending soccer games, going to the beach, and dancing every chance she can. Now she’s rolling around on her own, living up that toddler life! She’s the definition of summertime goals.

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