Busy Philipps Encourages Sibling Rivalry for the Weirdest Reason

For Busy Philipps’ family, dinnertime is all about fun and games. The actor and soon-to-be host of E!’s Busy Tonight recently told Us Weekly that she encourages her two daughters, Birdie and Cricket, to eat their vegetables by raising the stakes. 

"I use sibling rivalry," she told the magazine. "I’m like, ‘I feel like Cricket’s going to finish her broccoli first,’ and then Birdie’s like, ‘I can finish it first.’" 

As John Lyly probably told his children at his table, "All’s fair in love and nutrition — even bribing your kids." 

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Of course, Philipps doesn’t just expect her kids to eat well at home. Philipps, who recently partnered with Tropicana, also told Us about her plans to fuel her girls during the school year. 

"We’ve been talking a lot about trying to make some better choices in our lunchboxes for my kids and not having the end of the day where I’m unpacking just a bunch of uneaten food, which is the most frustrating thing when you’re a parent" she explained.

To make sure the kids’ bellies — and not their lunch pails — are full at the end of the day, Philipps says she includes them in the meal-prep process. 

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"I’m a big believer, too, in asking my kids what they want to eat," she said. "And sometimes it’s hard to get your kids to answer, and you can say that. You can say, ‘If you don’t answer me, you’re just going to get what I feel like putting in there.’ But I do find that they’ve gotten kind of into it, so I get less uneaten food at home." 

As for her kids’ favorite meals? Well, Birdie prefers meats and cheeses, while Cricket is content eating rice and beans out of a thermos. Hey, whatever floats your bento box. 

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