Baby Miles Is John Legend's Clone in This Video

So, singer John Legend is twinning hard with his son, Miles, 9 weeks old. Legend’s wife, model (and secret stand-up comedian) Chrissy Teigen recently shared an Instagram clip of their little guy (who was born prematurely on July 21). Fans are flipping out over the insane resemblance between papa and son. And yes, we know, genes are crazy like that. But we can still have a moment, OK?

One fan wrote, "Awww! A teeny John Legend." 

Another raved, “Holy cripes. It’s John as a baby!” 

"He’s literally a mini John!!!" wrote another.

Yet another commenter got a great surprise from Teigen. Instagram user fernandesrach tagged a friend in Teigen’s video comment feed, musing, "Literally will my kids ever be this cute?" Teigen answered the fan directly: "Yes, you will think your baby is the cutest because when you give birth you also push out a part of your brain," Teigen quipped. True. Story.

The resemblance between Miles and his dad is also adorably obvious in this Instagram video Teigen shared a video of Legend burping Miles while Luna sat on her dad’s shoulders.

Followers went nuts over that video as well. "So cute …I love a good daddy," one wrote.

"Is their anything hotter than a hubby with kids all over! Love this," commented a second. We moms are also viewed as "hot" and "cute" by society at large for momming, burping, having kids all over us, etc., right? Wait, no? Hmmm. We digress. And sure, Legend does look fine in father mode.

Speaking of father mode, Teigen has also been razzing her own dad on the internet of late. When her father, Ron, put out some, uh, snacks for his visiting grandkids — oyster crackers and limp raspberries — the Cravings: Hungry for More cookbook author posted a shot of the spread on Instagram Stories and captioned it, “VISITING GRANDPA. HE PUT OUT SNACKS.”


Please let Teigen and Legend procreate some more and fill our social media feed with their perfectly imperfect parenthood humor for years to come. These two just get it, and we continue to love them for it. Hell, we even love Grandpa’s attempt at snacks.

One more thing: Teigen’s dad also does this, and her shoutout on Twitter is cracking us up. The end.

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