Ashley Graham Is Crowdsourcing 'TMI' Remedies for Down-There Pregnancy Pain

Ashely Graham is crowdsourcing solutions for a “TMI” pregnancy problem and we love her honesty.

This week, Graham, who is in the third trimester of a twin pregnancy, informed her Instagram followers that she’s been uncomfortable “down there” as of late. “Do you ever feel like your vagina is falling out?” she asked on her Stories. “The weight of the children is so heavy that you need to put pressure on it.” She added, “I’m wearing a belt and I’m even wearing compression panties and I’m like, ‘Jesus take the wheel.’ I would love to know your remedies.”

Vaginal pressure during pregnancy isn’t uncommon — especially in the third trimester and particularly during twin pregnancies. As the weight of the babies increases, it isn’t hard to imagine the downward pressure they begin to exert, making it feel, as Graham pointed out, like “your vagina is falling out.” However, it’s important to understand the difference between pressure and pain, as the latter could be a sign of health problems.

Graham, who shares one-and-a-half-year-old son Isaac with her husband Justin Ervin, announced her pregnancy in July with a gorgeous maternity photo. And last month, she announced that she’s carrying twins. The news, shared in a happy Instagram video, featured Graham having an ultrasound while Ervin stood by. “Is that twins,” she asked in a disbelieving voice. The sweet video also showed a clip of the couple finding out they were pregnant all over again.

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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