Ant Anstead Got So Real About the Struggles of Sleep Training 2-Year-Old Son Hudson

If there’s one area of parenting struggle that so many people can relate to, it’s sleep training. Those months — even years — when you’re focusing on getting your child settled into a sleep schedule so they (and you, honestly) can get much-needed rest are crucial. Recently, Ant Anstead revealed how he’s quickly learned that sleep training his 2-year-old son, Hudson, is a real challenge.

The Celebrity IOU: Joyride host opened up about how he’s been trying to get his toddler, whom he shares with former wife Christina Haack, on a sleep scheduling that works for both of them. But it seems that all that’s been happening is Anstead losing sleep instead of gaining some hours back. “I think, when a child hits two, they call it the ‘Terrible Twos’ for a reason,” Anstead told Entertainment Tonight.

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“I’d like to think that you try and get a routine and the moment that you give in they win. And I’ve given in!” Anstead admitted. “So I’ve been joining Hudson in bed at 4 o’clock every morning.” The TV presenter confessed that he tries to “steal a few extra hours of sleep, but the truth is that I’m [usually] half awake making sure I don’t roll over.”

Along with Hudson, Anstead has daughter Amelie, 18, and son Archie, 15, from a previous marriage. And like any second or even third-time parent, Anstead is probably familiar with the struggles of sleep training. But it’s important to remember that each child is super unique, and so are their sleep patterns. For any parent grappling with the sleep training process, including Anstead, we hope a full night of sleep is on the way.

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