5 TED Talk shows every parent needs to watch

These TED Talk shows talk about how parents should raise their child to ensure their good future.

More often than not, parenting can turn out to be a tricky business. Most new parents go through the anxiety of whether they are raising their child correctly and this constant worry exhausts them. Parenting evolves with each generation and every parent needs to adjust himself or herself to the change. Here are five TED Talks that address some unusual and yet crucial issues around bringing up children that you should definitely watch:

Julie Lythcott-Haims on “How to raise successful kids without over-parenting”

Author Julie Lythcott-Haims talks about how parents “hovering over every happening” in a child’s life and micromanaging every event make a child lead a kind of “check-listed childhood”, thereby impacting his or her growth.


Angela Lee Duckworth on “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance”

An American academic, psychologist and popular science author Angela Lee Duckworth’s Ted Talk speech addresses the issue of effective teaching methods for children. “What we need in education is a much better understanding of students and learning from a motivational perspective, from a psychological perspective,” she says.


Temple Grandin on “The world needs all kinds of minds”

Mary Temple Grandin is an American professor and an autism spokesperson. She was one of the first individuals to publicly share her insights from her personal experience of autism. And it is this “autism spectrum” that she celebrates in her TED Talk. She talks about the different kinds of minds and their uniqueness.


Jennifer Senior on “For parents, happiness Is a very high bar”

Jennifer Senior, an author, talks about how the numerous self-help books on raising a kid perfectly, in fact, feed a sense of anxiety among parents. “Why is it that raising our children is associated with so much anguish and so much confusion?” asks Senior as she delves deeper into the issue in her speech.


Shane Koyczan on “To this day…For the bullied and beautiful”

Shane Koyczan, a Canadian poet and a spoken word artist from Penticton, talks about how children are pressurised to define themselves at an early age; how they are asked what they want to be while being told what they shouldn’t be. Children should be allowed to dream even if their ideas are seemingly ridiculous to many.

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